Date: 10/3/2017, Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: slappywag, Source: xHamster

    still and allowed her to summon up her own thoughts. &#034I think I do. I have been for longer than I am aware. You have saved my life many times. I am stuck in this terrible marriage but I still have you and there is always hope for the duture. My experience with Kerry has opened another side to me. Now I want more. Is that greedy?&#034 I shook my head. I was weeping now. I saw this woman liberated from the shackles of a repressive middle class mentality. I wanted to share everything with her at that moment. There was no shame were love directed a person. She guided my hand inside her shirt and my fingers pass over her hard nipple. It was like a tiny pebble. I thre back the covers of my bed and displayed the erection that had been raging for a lengthy time. She pulled the draw cord of my pajamas and released it, stroking it fondly. Her face radiated with a warm joy. &#034Kerry wants to do a threesome,&#034 she whispered in my ear before taking my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven and thought of my father in the other room, unaware of what was transpiring right under his nose. I played a crucial part in her liberation from that idiot and now my cock filled her mouth. &#034I want to be free,&#034 she said, her face turned up at me, smiling sweetly.