1. Good Morning

    Date: 10/3/2017, Categories: Mature, Voyeur, Author: Sexymama44, Source: xHamster

    After a beautiful night out of celebrating their anniversary of one year, George and Stella spent the rest of the evening watching tv and cuddling. Falling asl**p in his arms, Stella couldn't be happier. Stella woke up first, the next morning. She got up, started the coffee and then took a shower. She came out of the shower just in a towel, went into the bedroom. She saw George lying there on his back with the blankets down to the belt line, his arms were under his head and his head was tilted to the side. Stella just stared at him. She loved the way he looked, just so perfect, his arms so big, yet so gentle. His chest, just the right amount of muscle and cuddle padding, that she felt so safe she could stay there all day. His face looked at peace in her bed. She lowered her towel that was wrapped around her and pulled her hair out of the towel. She climbed into her side of the bed, George didn't move. She moved closer to him, trying not to wake him. As her long blonde hair touched his chest, he stirred a little but stilled didn't awaken. She was now facing him, reaching over she noticed the handcuffs were still there from earlier in the week. She reached over and grabbed them, as she put them on one hand, he pulled the other arm down and wrapped it around her. She smiled in a way that only he could do. He opened his eyes and looked at her, then his arm, his eyes looked in shock. Stella, his said in a worried voice, what are you doing to me?? Relax, my honey, I just want to ... give you a good morning, as she reached over her to his other arm and moved it up the handcuffs . He looked up, saw that both arms were handcuffed. Stella looked at him and smile. Her body was now on top of his, she pushed her body down lower and lower. As she reached his cock, her hands running around the upper leg and the inner thigh. Knowing he couldn't do anything, she wanted to tease him until he begged her to touch him. She licked his cock with her tongue, as her hand reached down between his legs. She looked up to see that his head was going deeper into the pillow in pleasure. She stopped with her tongue but not her hand. Stella moved her body around and her pussy was so close to his mouth, she could feel the heat coming out of it. Just let him taste it, not to much, she sat up on his face. His tongue now entering the pussy lips, she let out a moan. Stella wanted more, she grinds her sweet tasting pussy a little hard into the tongue. It felt so good, she wanted to feel more. Wiggling the pussy more so he can go deeper into her with his tongue, nibbling on the clit. Moaning more now, her hands running down his chest to his cock that now grew so big from just the thought of her pussy on the outside of it and the juices running down the side to the balls. She pulled her body away from him. He opened his eyes and looks at her. Looking like he was a k** who was told that he could not have his presents on Christmas morning. She got off the bed and walked over to the cabinet ...