1. Visit to Mexico Pt VI

    Date: 10/4/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: crimminey, Source: xHamster

    Later that evening Carmen returned home with her eldest daughter Theresa. After a few minutes of warm 'hello's' exchanged between Rosa and her older sibling, Carmen inquired as to Terry's whereabouts. Rosa told her that they had gone shopping all afternoon and Terry complained about not feeling well when they returned so she had gone upstairs to her room to rest. Carmen wasn't overly concerned and decided to get started on dinner preparations and solicited her two daughters to help. A couple of hours later Terry finally stirred from her nap and managed to get out of bed. Her head was still a little groggy, but her body had apparently rejuvenated just fine during her sl**p and was not feeling any ill effects from the afternoon's escapades. She sat on the edge of her bed for a few moments trying to piece together all that happened earlier, but she was at a loss for any clear explanation. The only thing she could think of is that she was possibly coming down with some kind of virus or something that was throwing her whole body out of sorts. She was emotionally unstable and her body was experiencing some kind of hot flashes that were heating up her libido beyond her control. She could barely remember anything that happened in the theatre up until the point where she blacked out momentarily, but she did know one thing for sure it must have been terribly confusing and embarrassing for Rosa to have to watch. She would have to apologize to her next time she saw her and try to ... explain to her that she is not feeling herself and she normally does not act like that. She would have to talk with Carmen and ask her if she knows a doctor that she could possibly see tomorrow to get some answers. Terry finally managed to pull herself together sufficiently and, realizing how hungry she was, got dressed. She slipped on some panties and put on a bra, carefully handling her still sensitive breasts, as she slipped the cups over her semi-erect nipples. She pulled on a simple sundress and brushed her hair before heading downstairs. She heard the voices and laughter of the three women, coming from the kitchen, as she made her way down the stairs. It was only then that she remembered that Carmen was going to be bringing her oldest daughter home for dinner. Terry stopped in the kitchen entryway and saw the three women finishing up with the food preparations and getting ready to eat dinner. She stood there in silence, for a few minutes, just watching the scene in front of her. The three women were talking non-stop, barely allowing each other enough time to complete a sentence before the next one would start. Although she could not quite understand what the women were discussing, because they were speaking in Spanish, Terry could tell just by their body language and facial expressions that these types of animated discussions were commonplace when they were together. Terry did take notice of Theresa, however, and could see the f****y resemblance almost immediately. She was ...