1. Jasmine at the company party

    Date: 10/4/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Mature, Author: JasmineKTG, Source: xHamster

    It was the end of another workday for Jasmine. There was nothing particularly special with the day as she just went about her business working the support desk. Call after call came through with not even a face to attach to the voice. She had gotten used to it all these years and was satisfied with what she did for the faceless people. However, her evening was going to be different. Typically, she would just go home to her lonely one bedroom apartment, fix herself some dinner, and go to bed watching TV. Tonight though she had to get dressed up and attend an after work party sponsored by the company. They will give out awards and such and try to make everyone feel worthwhile. She knew the drill though. Go there and get my yearly anniversary award, eat some free food, and go home and crash. Little did she know what awaited her at the party? She arrived early to the party and found herself at a table with a few people she was familiar with. She dressed to impress as she always did for these occasions. While she had no personal life to speak of she liked to put on the persona that she did. She wore a nice tightly clung red dress that stopped just above the knee with black pantyhose on her long legs. That was one thing Mom had blessed her at least with was long legs. She more modest black pumps on her feet and accessorized herself well with a nice necklace and makeup. Makeup was something she hardly ever wore especially in the office. She had always been a loner of sorts in the ... office anyways so why dress up on normal occasions she always thought. She never really formed a tight bond with anyone there at the office. They were all just acquaintances to her. Sitting next to her was one of the new people that had just started only a few weeks back, Wayne. He was tall and stocky of sorts, and dressed as you would expect a guy who works at a tech support desk. They started just regular small talk asking each other how each other’s day was and sharing the funny calls from people today. Out of nowhere he changed the subject with her and complimented her on outfit. He also made the stunning comment that he loved how long her legs were. To her this was stunning since nobody in the office had ever taken notice of her looks. Of course it was not everyday she was dressed like this either. She really did not know what to say but to say thanks. There was an eerie silence between the two at that point. She had not been involved with anyone in the past few years while she focused on her studies and getting a decent job. She was good at what she did for a living but was not able to handle many social situations. He quickly apologized for embarrassing her and she blew it off that she was just not expecting that kind of a comment from a co-worker. Shocked at this Wayne says, “That is the most shocking thing I’ve heard all day for someone as beautiful and sexy as you”. This comment did something to Jasmine she had not had happen in long time. She could feel her hands ...