1. Juicy Jennifers first friend #6

    Date: 10/4/2017, Categories: BDSM, First Time, Masturbation, Author: Poet-PETER, Source: xHamster

    Jennifer sends suddenly no more message to me, only some secret signals I try to figure out from my friend. I feel she tries to talk to me without words for some strange reasons. She does not explain me why for a full day. Jennifer sends some signals as interesting as intriguing, so I include links to those which taught and told me most. I feel she tries to talk to me and deserves this story in our series, as the preceding one, an interlude before main. Jennifer is my muse, be it as a bride, sexy sweet seductive tantalizing tasty teen, or simply submissive spankee I love to fulfill her hottest dirty dreams from the very sexy start. She surprised me with her first few stories for me. Jennifer is my favourite author of all I ever read, offering me everything she has in store to make me long for her. I love to fulfill the bill back by writing my first ever, even a sexy series of them with interaction inviting into the next. Jennifer and I interact in many more lovely long lasting series of short stories, showing our growing long love. I try to write sexy seductive spanking scenarios, as I know she foxily fancies for those the most from her Love. Jennifer and I interact in this way publicly and many messages in private to help each other for more insights. I try to write sexy sequels for her to pay back the debt for free lessons about the pleasure in pain and plights. Jennifer loves me as much as I love her. I love to see our daughter Jenny first time. Jennifer loves tease me by ... her secrecy. I love to tease her as well with my stories. Jennifer is afraid of most men after her first experience. I know all about it and the reason she became a lesbian. Jennifer is not afraid of me, as I always am a gentleman. I know a lot of her. I know I do not know everything of her. Jennifer does get back at me be it indirectly by changing the status topping her page: &#034I can't send messages all of a sudden&#034 to explain me her secretive seeming silence. Jennifer gets my answer at her wall: &#034I know this site sadly sometimes disfunctions. I look forward to direct contact so soon, as I also know full functioning rapidly returns. I do intend to continue my series as soon as I can, while waiting for direct answers&#034. Jennifer does not give any answers to my many messages with questions for her. I do get her explanation for the sudden silence as an answer at last erotic episode. Jennifer does also openly show us why she saves sometimes spankingless videos. I copy her comment as it is telling me a lot of her further virtual love life beyond our one.. Jennifer loves to behave bad, be a nice nerdy naughty sweet seductive sexy schoolgirl. I copy her comments as I find them as very exciting as useful for this sexy series to come. Jennifer loves to behave bad to me as much as she is sweet in all of our many messages. I notice in the news a fresh comment pops up: &#034Hi sweetheart, looks like I can send messages again. I save a lot of things on my profile to use in ...