1. Wife gives sex show pt2

    Date: 10/4/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Masturbation, Author: Ludoman, Source: xHamster

    Those that liked my first story about my wife, Sally, give sex shows in our living room might like to know that it went on whilst she was pregnant. Guys noticed Sally's bump grow but said how much they liked it and still came around to watch her masturbate and tell them to have a good wank whilst watching her. Sally's breast swelled and she would sometime be able to produce some milk - the men loved this and although we had always said &#034no touching&#034 we allowed men to have a suck on her nipples to have a drink of milk. Before she was pregnant the men would often cum over her tits and Sally would rub this in but now many of them wanted to cum over her bump and Sally eagerly rubbed this in too. Sally told me after one session when there was 6 men tin the room that a few had whispered they would like to fuck her and would pay more for this. We talked about it and agreed to go ahead with a price of £50.By this time Sally was 8 months pregnant. So the next time when there were the 6 men in the room enjoying the show, I went into the room (I don't normally, but just watch through the crack in the door) and said that if you want to fuck her it will be £50 each - all 6 jumped at the chance and were quickly getting their wallets out. Sally was in doggy position with her arse high and cunt all juicy and each man took it in turns, whilst they were waiting there was a man at either side on their backs sucking a breast. They all came in Sally, none of them wore condoms. When they ... left they were very grateful and I went to check Sally was okay and she was beaming from ear to ear, I looked at her sloppy cunt and Sally smiled at me sensing what I was thinking, she gave me a little nod of approval and I put my head between her legs and licked her cunt and drank down the semen. Below is my first story in case you missed it: After my wife (Sally) and I got married we were struggling to pay the mortgage etc. Sally is slim with auburn long hair long legs and nicely shaped breasts - we enjoyed plenty of sex often when warm enough going into fields and getting daring with the possibility of being seen, often behind stone walls next to busy roads and in woods where there could be walkers, we were (as far as we know) never seen. Sally admitted that she is a bit of an exhibitionist and on holidays would always go topless and smile at men giving her admiring glances, I didn't mind and got quite turned on by it. Often when it was dark, Sally would undress in the bedroom with the curtains open and lights on, our house was not overlooked much but anyone walking past would have seen her. As I said at the beginning we were struggling financially, so I suggested to her if there was any way we could use her exhibitionism to make a little extra money. At first she was a bit shocked but when I said it would just be for men to look and not touch she warmed to the idea. This was a few years ago before the Internet was really going so little adverts appeared in cheap newspapers ...