1. Awakenings 9

    Date: 10/5/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Death, Mind Control, Murder, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Torture, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    Awakenings 9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Captain read the reports with tight lips. He had counted at least 30 bodies or what was left of them. Thank god Tahir had rescued half of those left but the body count was starting to mount. Washington wasn't that pleased but after the horror stories of those he had rescued they weren't that unhappy now. Tahir wasn't that pleased either, still perplexed at Natasha's words he was wondering what in the hell was going on. Reaching out he found Natasha wondering if she could talk now. <Natasha> he started, <don't react can you talk now?> <Yes, but not for long, I wish to explain.> she sounded low almost a whisper if she had actually been speaking. <Twenty two years ago my family and I came to this country to get away from Russia> <I thought you were Russian> Tahir broke in <Yes, at that time my father took a job teaching at a university, as did my mother. I was just a little girl, my older sister and younger brother were left alone in our apartment. We went to school and were alone for 2 hours each day till our parents got home. Hold a minute> Waiting, Tahir went over the reports again there had to be some way he could beat this bastard. Sighing, Tahir saw that he had the upper hand but there were flaws to every plan and he had to find them. <I am sorry for the history lesson, it is needed, 15 years later I accepted a position back in Russia. My father had ... been killed in an auto accident mother was devastated as we all were. Mother begged me not to go but we needed the money it was a substantial amount. The hours were long but I was concidered to be brilliant, very far ahead of the doctors that were there. It was there that I developed a medicine that we called Rad Coats.> stopping Tahir was afraid that she had been discovered 'talking' to him. <Don't talk, so I take it that's what you used on me and yourself. I am feeling the same growth of power in you that I feel in me.> he informed her. <It's ok now, I am alone. The Rad coats was a radical radiation absorption it not only block the harmful but let the body take the good and use it.> here she was quiet a minute gathering her thoughts. <I kept in contact with my family the whole time. When our projects were cancelled by the government I was allowed to come back to the US. I took a job with the doctor he was a pioneer in genetic research and was going where I had been, I really didn't want credit for the work, I had seen horrible results from experiments that had been done.> <Do you know how long the power will grow? is there a limit? so far mine hasn't stopped but I have noticed that there are a few limits I can't go far beyond.>Tahir was anxious to find out all he could. <In the previous experiments, we found that it depends on the potential of the individual, that is the more latent abilities they have the more they can grow. Have you found anything that you can't do? Anything ...