1. Bobby The "Bull" (An Interview)

    Date: 10/5/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Taboo, Author: DickLover59, Source: xHamster

    (In a continuing series of interviews regarding the over-all 'cuckold lifestyle', I am speaking here today with 'Bobby', a young African-American male who has been quite involved lately with a number of couples, all white married couples, from the so-called 'South.' I wish to thank 'Bobby' for this opportunity to delve further into this fascinating phenomenon!) Q. So, if you don't mind me asking, how many white married couples have you been involved with since you got starting being a Bull? A. I've been with 36 different married couples. Q. Wow. 36. Amazing. And were they all white? A. Every one of them! Q. What would you say is the number one issue, or reason, such a married couple would be drawn to having you be the Bull? A. They have all said 'sexual inadequacy', on the husbands part. Q. Is that what their wives said? Or did their husbands agree with that? A. They all agreed! They mainly admitted they had small cocks, or they couldn't seem 'last' long enough to really satisfy their wife. Q. This may be a stupid question, but: Do you enjoy being a Bull? A. (laughing) Damn right I do! My whole life revolves around pussy, pussy, and more pussy. Why wouldn't I like what I'm doing?! Q. Is there an element of ego in this for you? A. Of course there is! I get to satisfy a guys wife, who may have been married to her for 20 years or more, but couldn't do it for her. So, fuck yeah I get a BIG ego kick out of that. I wouldn't do this sort of thing if it wasn't that way. Q. How do ... these women's husband treat you? A. With respect. They go out of their way to treat me well. I appreciate that. Q. Have you ever had a cuckold husband act angry or jealous towards you? A. No. Not really. Q. How do they mainly react? A. (smiling) Grateful! Q. Grateful? How? A. I'm keeping their wife happy! I'm giving the wife what the husband can't manage to do for her! So, when she leaves with a smile on her face after words, the husband sees that, and he's relieved; and yes: Grateful for what I did for her! In fact, I've had lots of these older white husbands actually THANK me for pleasuring their wife AS THEY WERE TAKING HIS WIFE HOME! Q. Amazing! A. Not really! These guys know that if they can't satisfy their wife somehow, that she's likely to dump their ass! Most of these white cuckold guys are worried that they are going to wind up loosing their wives! And a few I've been with, DID dump the husband! So, that possibility is ALWAYS there, in the back of these guys minds. Q. Do you see yourself as taking advantage of these husbands sense of both their sexual inadequacy, as well as their fear that if they don't do SOMETHING to give their wife some outlet for sex, that they might end up being divorced? A. I probably am taking advantage of that. Of course, I am! But, these married couples seek ME out, not the other way around! So I see it as a win-win situation. Every body gets something out the situation! I don't regard what I'm doing as wrong. It's entirely mutual what happens. ...