1. Bobby The "Bull" (An Interview)

    Date: 10/5/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Taboo, Author: DickLover59, Source: xHamster

    The wife wants a good fuck. The husband is eager to please her. And I'm the medium through which they both get---whatever it is they are seeking, or trying to seek out. Q. How long have you been a Bull? A. A year. Q. Do you plan on continuing on being a Bull? If so, how much longer do you think you will? A. I'm gonna do the Bull thing for as long as any white married couple think they need my services! I'm 33. I could go for a long time yet! Q. Being The Stud. A. (laughing) Yeah! 'Bein' The Bull!' I have no plans on retiring from any of this! Q. Great being black, and male, in the early 21st century, huh?! A. (Smiling) It's about fucking time, too! Q. Do you think that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. can be given some credit for opening up the possibilities, socially, economically, and for the 'interracial' sexual avenue that you and a lot of young black men are experiencing today? A. He began it, for sure. But this 'interracial sex' thing---that's been around for as long America has been around. Of course, it was always on the sly, due to the harsh repercussions! And only white men with power could usually get away with it, but blacks and whites fucking is nothing new! Of course, today I get to dish out some of that (sexual) power! It's especially great that a white woman, and her husband, with feelings of sexual inferiority driving him on, can now seek ME out; and without fear of social reprisal! Q. So, it sounds to me like there's a little bit of---what? Revenge? Revenge against past racial injustice from white society, that motivates at least some of what you do, and why. A. Sure. But why not? Stuff like this is going on in South Africa, too! They call it 'Reconcillation!' Here it's being called 'interracial cuckoldry!' There's little difference the way I see it. (Look for further interviews as time goes on!)