1. School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3

    Date: 10/5/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: DirtyMindedMinx, Source: LushStories

    My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye . I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study her in a new way. She was tall and slim. Her breasts were small but their existence was undeniable. Her hips had no discernable curve beneath the plain skirt she wore, but there was a hint of a womanly shape there. Her ass may not have had the pronounced voluptuousness of Nurse Cady’s generous backside, but there was an ass under that fashionless dress all the same. I tried to imagine Mrs. Hughes’ pussy. Was it hairy? Did she trim it to a neat triangle, or did she shave it bald? Even though she was skinny, I envisioned her having had huge, meaty pussy lips. The kind that stick out whether she was swollen with desire or not. Big, fat, floppy, gnarly pussy flaps just waiting to be spread open by a horny boy like me. As Mrs. Hughes plumbed the depths of Holden’s psyche, I wondered if she liked sucking her husband’s cock. Did she get naked and choke on his prick while she pulled on those huge cunt lips of hers? Did she swallow his cum? Or did she pull his prick out of her mouth at the last second and let him spew his jizz all over her academically bespeckled face? I was a fucking idiot. Ten minutes before the bell was about ring and I ... was getting myself all worked up over a middle-aged English teacher. My cock was throbbing hard in my pants, and there was no chance it would settle down before I’d have to venture out into the corridors and make my way to my next class. All I needed to do was to stop thinking about sex for like five minutes and maybe I’d have a chance of not embarrassing myself for one fucking day! With a deep breath I tried to pay attention to what Mrs. Hughes was saying. What was the significance of Holden’s encounter with the nuns? Fucked if I know. That’s when I noticed Amy Chun looking away when I glanced over in her direction. She was sitting in the row to my left, one seat ahead of mine. Why the hell was she looking at me? Oh fuck, did she spot my boner? My life was apparently nothing more than a series of one humiliation piled on top of another. I tried to will my dick to go soft, but that only made it stiffer. The mental effort conjured up memories of Nurse Cady’s solution to my overactive hard-on problem. It still didn’t seem real that the school nurse had actually given me a handjob to “cure” my erection. The image of her huge tits spilling out of her white uniform filled my mind, as did her claim that the girls would be more than pleased with the size of my not-yet-fully-developed manhood. I looked over toward Amy Chun and reconsidered her. I think she was Chinese. A little on the chubby side, with a wide, round face. But these things didn’t really come across in an ugly way. ...