1. You Know What I Have To Do

    Date: 10/6/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: Boss01, Source: LushStories

    Granted, it had been a hectic Monday morning. Our lovemaking Sunday had taken us well into the night, which was to be expected considering the day we had. It started at breakfast. My sweetheart had snuck out of bed while I was still asleep and brought back bagels and some olive cream cheese from the shop that I love, serving me breakfast in bed. Somehow, the cream cheese ended up in the most erogenous places. Even after we licked most of it up, a shared shower was mandatory. It was almost noon before we were finally dressed. Sunday was market day, and we took advantage of the crisp fall weather to walk down to the shops on the harbor, mostly hand-in-hand but occasionally much closer; giving the weekend interlopers something to wag their tongues about as they observed the significant difference in our ages. One couple was so obvious in their stares that Marissa just had to tease them, pulling me into her for a long, sensuous kiss as she squeezed my ass. Of course, I had to reciprocate. Shopping completed, we had a late lunch at Phillips, out on the patio, then strolled leisurely back to the townhouse with our culinary booty. We got everything put up in time for me to watch the second half of the football game. Marissa did her best to try to distract me, and I admit that trying to concentrate on the game while in a state of arousal was difficult. It wasn’t until she walked in wearing nothing but an apron and asked me to help make dinner that I realized just how serious she ... was. Food has always been an aphrodisiac in our relationship, especially cooking together. But last night was even more sexually charged. I had finally wrangled the red curry shrimp recipe from the shop in London that I had frequented back in my travelling days, and that was on the menu. There is just something about cooking and eating Indian food together that gets our motors running; the aromatic spices, the heat that starts on our tongues and spreads, the taste of our kisses as we sample and cook. And it didn’t help that she was wearing just that apron, and expected me to do the same. Or that she kept “dropping” things and bending over to pick them up, each time showing me how much more she was aroused than the last time. I finally had to take her from behind; penetrating her fast and hard at first so that she had to grip the counter. Then it was slow, measured penetrations as I watched my cock slide in, and then out covered in her liquid. She reached between her legs to massage her clit, and came twice before I buried myself in her, filling her with my hot cum. We ended up eating a little later than we had anticipated, and I had work to do to prepare for a mediation that I was attending on Monday. My love went “in search of libidinous chat” on Lush, as she put it, and it wasn’t until midnight that we reconvened in the bedroom. We both retired at a low smolder, but gentle hugging and caressing ignited into a frenzy of passion as my red-haired beauty pushed me onto my back and ...