1. A Wife's Conversion: Part IV

    Date: 10/6/2017, Categories: Bisexual, Author: ljdoofus75, Source: LushStories

    Since the next day was a work day and being spent from the night's activities, Kathy and I decided to go to bed early and try to get some rejuvenating sleep. Even so, we woke up late and had to rush off to work. My wife and I agreed that we would talk about Thursday night’s events when I got home from work. All day my mind would drift off to last night’s events. I found myself with a hard on most of the day. I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck my wife, but then I remembered, I had agreed not to fuck or eat her – son-of-a- bitch that was an epic mistake. I couldn’t believe it. What had I been thinking? I know. I just wasn’t thinking, although that “Pat fuck” ranked up there as one of the all-time great fucks. I had never experienced cumming like that before. I don’t know if it was the feeling of Pat’s cunt crushing my cock; the constant pumping of that dildo in my ass, or the combination, but it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. I wanted to feel it again. I felt like a crack addict needing a fix. I thought back to when I first met Kathy. It was a few months after my first love crushed my heart. I guess Kathy was my rebound lover. My first love always wanted me to take the lead. I could do it, but it was a lot of work. My nature is to always want to please my partner and defer to their pleasure. Since I had already had a degree, she went off to college to get hers. During her first semester, she hooked up with someone who demanded that she do this, or that, ... and whatever. When she came home for Christmas break, her tits and nipples were different because he must have been sucking on the all the time. She swallowed cum and asked me to fuck her in the ass (not all bad). She loved me , but he was more sexually experienced and she liked that. She wanted both of us. At the time, I just couldn’t handle that. So we broke up. Kathy on the other hand was sweet, innocent and good-looking. That's just what I needed. She liked it when I let her be in charge or would ask her what she wanted to do? Our personalities were complimentary. I loved and needed that. Our recent past sex life seemed so blasé just plain vanilla compared to what had happened over the last weeks. It hit me just how perverted it all sounded. What the fuck was wrong with me? What were Kathy and I doing? We had lost control of the situation and Pat was running the show, but it was so exciting and perversely lustful. What a difference a few years makes in one’s attitudes. The day just dragged by like I was in a time warp. You know like those last few minutes before the quitting time. Finally, four o’clock arrived. I gathered my brief case, coat and headed home to see my lovely wife. While walking in the front door, I heard Kathy say, “My husband’s home. I gotta go, (something inaudible in a whisper).” as she hung up the phone. She came rushing up to me saying, “What’s taken you so long?” As I attempted to answer, I got out, “Traf …” Her arms were around my neck and her tongue ...