1. Domination

    Date: 10/6/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Spanking, Written by women, Author: gypsiegirl, Source: sexstories.com

    I know I need it. I need to be dominated. I also need sex. It’s been a couple of weeks without either and I know that emotional well being isn’t as strong. That is the only reason that I can think of as to why I would have such an erotic dream, waking up with my pussy throbbing and wet. My Master knows that I have been bad - not doing my anal trainings, not following his directions, and touching my pussy without asking for permission. Not that I have to ask for permission, but if I do have a strong and erotic dream - I do have to let him know. So here it is: I get a text from you asking why I haven’t uploaded a new video in a couple of days. My response is no real reason, just haven’t been in the mood lately. I know I sound petulant, but that is how I was feeling. Shortly thereafter, I get a text telling me to be at his place after work. I go through rest of my day concerned that I have angered him, and maybe losing the relationship I so desperately need. As I get there, I get a text telling me to come in, not speak to him, go upstairs, strip, and lay naked on the bed with my legs spread. I am concerned as I did not shave my pussy this morning and I know that anytime I am with him, I have better be smooth enough to run a knife blade over. Following the directions, I walk silently behind you, go upstairs, and follow your directions. About 5 mins later, you come upstairs with that look on his face. You still haven’t spoke to me. You get your knife out, spreads my legs even ... wider and starts running the blade lightly over to see if I am smooth. You command me to stand up, bend over touching the bed, and spread my legs. You run the blade again and then ask me if I am following directions. I said no sir, I hadn’t shaved my pussy this morning as I didn’t expect to see him. You walk away from me, telling me to not move or speak. I hear you open the chest that holds my slave implements in it. Then walk back behind me, rub my ass, and I feel the crop hit my ass several times. I feel each individual stroke, but don’t scream out. You smack my ass 10 times, then tells me that I have 15 mins to shower and shave. If I am not back in the same position at the end of the time, I can pack and go home. That was the quickest, while still be safe shaving, shower I have taken. I was ready for you when he came back up stairs. You push me down to the bed, telling me to roll over and spread my legs. Your going to check me again and I had better pass this time. I do and you tell me to stand up and turn around. Then I feel my collar being put on. As soon as it is on, you pull my hair and ask if I am ready for the night - immediately I say yes and knowing that I have been needing this - my brain automatically goes into submissive mode. You pull my hands in front of me and puts on the rope handcuffs, drags me to the column and attaches them above my head and attaching my leash above my head, which will keep me from moving too much. You then get the clamps, blindfold, and a ...