1. Slave Training

    Date: 10/6/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: fQuantum, Source: xHamster

    Heather was waking up from her nap, and was regretting it already. She wasn't a nap person, and was now facing one good hour of headaches. It beat facing the full brunt of a seven-hour long flight, but for some reason, the headache was really severe this time. &#034Hmmmngh...dammit...&#034 She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and cute features marred by baggy eyes and a few freckles. She certainly couldn't be confused for a guy, even with her tendency to wear practical male clothing, but her body did lack any noteworthy curves. Heather was, through and through, an ordinary girl. There were times when she regretted it, but in this moment, she just really wanted the headache to fuck off. She winced and attempted to rub her forehead...only to realize she couldn't move her hands. &#034...What the...?&#034 Still groggy, she opened her eyes, but saw only darkness. A jolt of fear broke the bonds of sl**p, and Heather reflexively pulled as hard as she could. Her hand moved about twenty centimeters, but then slowly went back to its initial position, pulled by some sort of mold encasing her entire forearm. What was this thing? Panicked, the college student pulled with all four of her limbs, to similar results. She was sitting on something, but it sure as hell wasn't an airplane seat. More like a cushy gynecology chair. That thought triggered a sharp sinking feeling in her heart. She realized she her legs were kept spread open. And that she could feel the air on her skin. ... &#034Oh...Oh God...&#034 She was totally naked. It was pitch black and dead silent, but Heather now knew, without a doubt, that she was in grave danger. As a modest, unadventurous girl, she started to panic. Her breath quickened, her small B-cup bust rose and fell, and her voice came out as a high-pitched hush. &#034I've been k**napped, oh shit oh shit oh sh...&#034 Heather gritted her teeth. As frightening as her situation was, the last thing she wanted was to alert her captors. She had to calm down, think of something...So she tried to focus on how this happened. Because, seriously, what the Hell? She was just traveling back to America with her friend Nico. Last thing she remembered was being on the plane with her. Nico had been asl**p, her short-haired brunette head resting on her shoulders. Heather's impish friend never could stand boredom. How could they have been a*****ed? And why? It was a trusted airplane company, neither of them were rich, well connected or even beyond a cute-ish 6. They were nothing but thoroughly ordinary college girls...So why would anyone want to k**nap them and strap them to a weird chair? &#034N...Nico? You there?&#034 Silence. &#034...Oh, please, tell me she got out...&#034 Suddenly, something exploded inside her mind. - I am a slave. I live on my wonderful Master's island. I choose to be a slave because I love my Master and he wants me to. I choose to be a slave because I am grateful for Master. I am free to act but I want to act like a slave. I want ...