1. Hagrid and the Three Little Witches.

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    **co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** **Alternate Universe : Hagrid is the Care of Magical Creature since their first years, Ginny Weasleyand Luna Lovegood is the same age as Hermione** Poor Hagrid, dejected and sad from the loss of his pet dragon Norbert, had been moping around his dark hut for days, barely going outside to tend to his garden or to let Fang out. The students had noticed that Hagrid was putting very little effort into their classes, Care of Magical Creatures, so much so that one evening the girls of Gryffindor determined that they would visit and cheer up their huge teacher and friend. Bundling off out of Hogwart's School soon after Supper, the trio of Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood all scampered down the rocky path to the well-worn but solid hut that Hagrid lived in. A warm yellow light shone through the window and a column of smoke rose from the chimney as the chilly girls arrived at his doorstep, knocking on the thick wooden door. After a few moments it creaked open and framed in the firelight glow towered the huge, imposing form of the half-giant, a questioning but sad look upon his face. "Was' this, ladies?" the large man queried, confused by the three pretty faces that shined up at him from the gloomy dark. "Here now, wha' you three be doin' out at this hour? Ain't ya got your studies to be tending to?" "Oh hello Hagrid, may we please come in?" chirped Hermione, taking charge as usual. Hagrid's forlorn face studied ... hers for a moment and seeing her determined expression, sighed and stood back, allowing the girls to sweep inside the comfortably warm cabin. Without a word, Hagrid shuffled back to his big oak chair in front of the fire where on a small table beside it stood a huge flagon of some frothy drink and a framed picture of his beloved pet dragon, Norbert. Sitting down heavily, the big man took a healthy drink, foam soaking his scraggly black mustache and beard while he looked at the picture again and sighed deeply. "He was like me own son, he was." groaned Hagrid. Ironically, the heartbroken Half-Giant was unaware that Norbert was in fact Norberta, a female dragon, a fact to be uncovered only later by Ginny's older brother Charlie who had the dragon now in Romania, where it was being raised more safely and happily due to severe restrictions on where dragons could be kept and bred. Staring into the fire, Hagrid did not even seemed to have forgotten his guests who even now were shedding their cloaks and moved to stand around his immense chair, the look of concern on their faces as they touched his shoulders and arms with loving strokes. "Oh Hagrid," said Ginny,"we know you feel so lonely without Norbert but you have to know that he's doing fine with Charlie. He sends owls all of the time telling you how big he's gotten and how well they treat him. We just are so worried about you." Luna lay her shimmering white hair down on his large shoulder, his curly black hair cushioning her as she ...