1. Retiring e****t!

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Mature, Author: wrigglepup1, Source: xHamster

    Firstly, I just want to say thanks to John (aka Wrigglepup1) for letting me use his page on xHamster. I'm NOT a 'member! I just think this site, and others like it, have made me decide to retire from the profession I love! I became an e****t 15 years ago, at the age of 23, following a failed marriage. I had no income, no qualifications (except being darned good sexually!) and most importantly, very few inhibitions! I loved what I did! Earned a decent amount of money, and enjoyed 'earning' it! It wasn't all 'plain-sailing'... some of the punters ARE repulsive (luckily not many! ha ha), and some of them had 'tastes' which were pretty weird, even for me!! But by and large, it was all great. But now?...Things have changed! Sites like this, now regularly have video's/pictures, of so called 'amateur' women, who seem to enjoy everything BUT 'normal' sex! Anal! Gang-bangs! Bukkake! etc. When did all of these things become 'normal'? Now...every guy wants to film himself (or even bring a 'mate' to film him!) whilst he indulges all of his fantasies! I'm not a prude...I would never have survived for 15 years as an e****t if I was!... But having someone ram his cock down my throat until I choke, or up my bum until its a gaping great hole just isn't 'fun'! All this began to evolve around 10 years ago? 'Odd' questions by punters like 'do I deep-throat'? ) Of course I've always offered my clients oral sex! Some of them, with smaller cocks, I could get ALL of there cocks into my mouth, but ... others...with larger cocks? I would limit how much I took into my mouth by having my fingers around his shaft. No problem! But more and more, these 'bigger' guys tried to insist that other women did 'it', so why would'nt I...as a 'professional' woman? And the camera's!! As mobile phone camera's improved, punters would be clicking away as I performed oral sex on them, or insist I be on top of them so they could lie back and film me as I bounced up and down on them. Their particular favourite? Filming their cumshot! Preferably...all over my face! (I'm a Pro.! Sometimes guys would pay EXTRA to cum in my mouth...I'm not bothered by this!) But to be facialed by virtually every (mainly younger) guy I was with began to be boring! But the 'final straw'?....Anal sex! Guys? It IS'NT fun, OR enjoyable for us women! It may be for you...but to have my bottom skewered by a pounding cock is, at best uncomfortable, or, even damned painful, no matter how much lubrication is used! Ask yourselves...would YOU 'enjoy' it? (Buy a decent sized dildo...and TRY it!) I bet 99.99% of you DON'T! Never mind all the 'preparation' which has to be done to make the whole 'experience' even possible! C'mon guys! How would YOU feel, having to have an enema every time you were going to have sex? Hmmm! Thought so! Me? I've had enough! I've let my clients 'use' me in all KINDS of way! Made sure they were happy AND satisfied before they left. But now? I'm left looking like a bukkake whore, and with my bum aching! So! ...