1. what we did that night

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Voyeur, Author: tunemaker, Source: xHamster

    &#034 honestly julie, i saw the frickin' thing, it's huge. &#034 &#034 you're telling me that mr. maker, carly's father, is hung like a horse? &#034 &#034 yes i am deary, i saw it with my own eyes, it's the biggest cock i've ever seen and you know i've seen quite a few. &#034 courtney answered with a sly smile. &#034 hmm...i guess i never looked all that close. who would think a fat old guy like that would be hung. we should ask carly about it...i would think she has seen it often. the car containing julie and carly pulled into the long driveway leading to courtney makers house. the girls were planning a night out dancing. courtney was waiting on the porch and jumped into the car...they sped off into the night. the subject of courtney's dads cock never came up. the subject of who was expected to be showing up at the club and what might happen to whom and where such activities might take place.. &#034 who gets the car, courtney asked ? we only have the one vehicle girls, we're going to have to share make out time...i want it first.. both the car and the cock.&#034 the car broke into hysterics. julie lit a joint and round and round it went. the car pulled into the club parking lot. courtney, julie and carly were dressed pretty much the same...tight, camel toe tight leggings that cupped their high round assess. they did not go unnoticed. the club was packed and sure enough as promised, julie watched courtney slip out the front door with a beautiful young boy...he was in his ... twenties or he wouldn't have gotten past the bouncer but he looked a lot younger...julie felt her cunt tingle watching and knowing what julie would be doing soon...julie liked to suck on cock. neither courtney or carly were able to hook up, at least not with anyone they wanted to. julie was back, looking a bit disheveled but overall not to bad. she nodded and the girls headed for the bathroom. &#034 who was that and where did you find him? asked carla...courtney's eyes sparkled. &#034 he looks like a high school student. are you robbing the cradle here?&#034 &#034 he may look like a k** but he knows how to satisfy a woman like a man...jesus, i thought he must have cum in me because i was so frickin' wet. i'm glad he made me take off my leggings...they would be soaked. he made me cum three times and i had to make him stop, i was exhausted from cumming.&#034 &#034 he's got a big uncut dick...i barely had time to peel back the long foreskin and get the head in my mouth when he fucking started cumming. i pulled it out and lucky i did, the man splashed out the most cum i've ever seen...i would have drowned if i had left that man tube in my mouth.&#034 they returned to carly's house...&#034shit, my father is home, he's not supposed to be but he's going to be pissed...i'm almost two hours past curfew. the girls quickly left the car and headed for the house. since they knew they were going drinking, they had planned a sl**pover...mr maker was waiting in the living room...carly...come ...