1. Lazy Sunday

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Trans, Author: DmanGrey, Source: sexstories.com

    already loves her as a woman doesn't make it seem that important to her right now. "Now since i couldn't finish my breakfast a certain Irish stud needs to feed me something else" she licks her lips before dropping to her knees and giving my head a long kiss "Sure that's why you're on your knees" i pet her hair as she takes the head in her mouth and licks around it she smirks and decides to stop playing and deep throats his dick and playing with her own at the same time while lightly massaging his balls. "I'm starting to think you dressed like that on purpose" I moan as she sucks and grins "mhmm" she sucks deep and hard while licking all up and down the shaft "Baby Im already about the cum" hearing this she takes it out of her mouth with a pop "Why!?" "Because your first load of the day" she gets on all 4s, licks her fingers and fingers her ass a few times before giving her left cheek a hard smack "is going to be in here" "Gladly" I smile before getting behind her and slowly pushing the head into her waiting ass "Come on baby. You know this bitch doesn't ...
    need to ease into a hard fuck" she smiles knowing my love for dirty talk before thrusting her ass backwards impaling entire 7 inches in her "There now wreck this ass" I smiles and grabs her hair also knowing a few fetishes of hers before thrusting in and out of her hard and spanking her ass "mm good boy. You know i love the rough stuff. make it hurt so goooood" she moans as her ass is spanked and hair yanked "you're always so tight, love" I moan as i thrust faster slapping my balls against hers "I may be a slut but im not that big of a sluuuuuuut" she screams as she cums shooting all over the kitchen floor i moan in response as i empty myself in her ass as we both fall to the ground breathing heavy "that-that was a fun way to start the day" she huffs reaching for her shirt before i slap her hand away and she looks at me confused "it may have been the start but its not over. I've decided we aren't leaving home today" i wink at her she stares at me wide eyed but at teh same time i see her penis spring to life again letting me know shes fine with the idea