1. Sibling Love Chapter 1

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Teen, Author: mayrender, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter One It had been a lonely day at the Sanders household, nobody around. Well; it was like this nearly every day... until the two siblings have arrived from school. Today however, only one had. Ellie had driven home, two hours earlier, walked into the family's two story house, dropped her bag on the floor by the main door, and walked through to the kitchen. She had wondered where her brother - William, was. It was only once she turned on her phone - which she had left at home, she saw a text from William. It read: "Going to a friends house. Will be back around 4.". After reading the text, she locked her phone and dropped it back onto the kitchen table. She grew a big smile on her face after she realized that she would be home, alone, till four in the afternoon, since her dad only gets back from work around 7pm. Delightedly, she ran upstairs to her room, got undressed, grabbed a towel and went for a shower. She was average height for a teenager, 5’4”, size 32B breasts, blue eyes, a decent ass, and petite. Today had been stressful for the eighteen year old, first, she had forgotten to do her hair in the morning, secondly, she got in trouble for not doing her previous day's homework - the final year is proving to be quite stressful, and thirdly, the most stressful of them all; her and her best friend have started fighting. She knew several ways to rid of stress, but there was one in particular she had in mind, and since she had four hours of privacy, she decided to do it. ... Standing in the shower, she twisted the nozzle to spray down on her girlhood. Of course, this very particular way of relieving stress, was masturbating. As the stream of water landed on her young girlhood, she started to moan, soft at first, but as she remembered that she was alone, she got louder. Eventually, she started rubbing her clit, faster and faster, climaxing to the inevitable - she orgasmed. After she was convinced she had relieved enough stress, she turned off the shower, got out, dried herself, and walked to her room without even bothering to use a towel. She lay down on her bed with her stomach facing it, she peered up at her alarm clock. “3:25 P.M”. Thinking that there was enough time for another session, she stayed like she was, and reached down to her girlhood. She started rubbing her clit again, however, whilst she was rubbing her clit, she slid her middle finger up her pussy, letting out soft moans, drowning in pleasure. Getting closer and closer to orgasming again, she started moaning loud into her pillow, slowly gyrating her ass up and down. William was simple. He'd go to school, get home, do homework (if any), ate dinner, worked out, showered and then went to bed. This was his daily routine. He was a year older than his little step sister, Ellie, but he was kept back a year in school. Unlike his sister, he had green eyes. He liked to have spiked hair. He was 5'9" and was relatively fit. Today, he had to go to his friends house for a school project until ...