1. Samantha & David break down in the ghetto

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    It was becoming dusk when my car slowed to an inevitable standstill. The air around us was muggy and warm, the faint sound of Reggae music drifting down from some tower block party. We had, ourselves, been heading for a party of certainly more salubrious design than the one that we could currently hear, but a wrong turn somewhere in the city had brought us to this part of town and our current engine problems - whatever they were - seemed to ensure that we were to stay here for some time. I closed my eyes and awaited my wife's verbal onslaught. When it came it was no less vitriolic than I had expected. &#034What the fuck's wrong now?&#034 she almost shouted at me, her eyes full of anger and scorn, &#034can't you do anything right?&#034 It had been the same for years: whenever anything went wrong it was always my fault. Having said that, it usually was. I can be rather inept and clumsy and the more nervous I get the worse my ineptitude becomes and Samantha, my bitch of a wife, never misses an opportunity to belittle or humiliate me. She usually waits until we are in company to ensure that my humiliation is at a maximum. Over the years, however, I have become used to these verbal and occasionally physical assaults and, strangely, can now take a certain pleasure from my degradation. &#034Sorry, dear. I think it might be the fuel pump or something. I did ask the garage to fix it earlier this week, but I guess they just forgot.&#034 I sighed, &#034I suppose I'd better call the ... rescue service.&#034 &#034Damn right you'd better call! Christ! You are completely useless! Now I'm stuck here in this godforsaken part of town when I could be enjoying drinks with my friends.&#034 Samantha lapsed into a sulky silence. I looked out of the window. She was right about one thing, this part of the city was not at all familiar to me and did indeed look a little insecure. The streets were virtually empty and now almost dark. All the stores were closed and further i*****l admittance was barred by heavy metal grates that covered their frontage. I pulled my cell phone from my inside pocket and looked at the display. Damn. I closed my eyes again and sighed. &#034I..I..I'm sorry dear, but there does not seem to be a signal here.&#034 Sam's eyes turned heavenward in an exasperated expression but kept her sullen silence. Her arms were folded under her large chest in a defiant manner, pushing her breasts up into the low cut top of her cocktail dress and thus forming a deep, inviting cleavage. I could feel my small penis developing into an erection and shifted awkwardly in my seat. I found myself half wishing we were back home where she could take out her frustrations on me properly and humiliate me further. I made ready to leave the car in an attempt to find a call box when a large dark car pulled up behind us. For a fleeting, hopeful moment I thought it might be the cops, but as the seconds ticked by and there seemed no movement from behind us, I realised that it was unlikely ...