1. My Honeymoon With The Co-eds

    Date: 10/7/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Author: todream65, Source: LushStories

    I realized with surprise, as my bride stood before me in front of the minister and the church, that Andrea was not wearing a bra beneath her wedding gown. It was when we held hands to repeat the vows after the minister, that I looked down the sheer bodice of her low-cut gown and saw past her cleavage to the areolas of her bare titties. My cock began to grow within my tuxedo trousers as I wondered if Andrea had panties on or perhaps a thong, as she murmured her vows to me. Andrea stooped to retrieve my ring from our ring bearer, and I looked into her bodice and saw an erect nipple. The minister cleared his throat as she rose up, and I wondered if he had seen her bare breasts. We exchanged rings, and then the minister said "You may now kiss your bride." I caught Andrea in an embrace and planted a deep French kiss on her mouth as the audience whistled and cheered. We turned and marched quickly down the aisle. Andrea's breasts bobbed and my hardened cock tented my slacks. I was sure some of our family and friends saw our apparent nakedness and horniness. During our photo session after the ceremony, while the guests were feasting in the reception hall, we posed with various relatives. The family members soon went to the reception leaving us alone with the photographer for a few intimate photos before we went to cut the cake. Andrea coyly parted her gown revealing a stocking and garter clad leg. I knelt, and the camera clicked away. I slid my hand up her thigh to her crotch and ... discovered that she was panty-less. The camera flashed at her exposed, shaved pussy, framed by the lacy design of the gown. My cock hardened as I rose to my feet. The next intimate portrait we had was our French kissing while my hand pressed down the bodice of Andrea’s gown, revealing a bare breast and the camera clicked. Andrea knelt before me, freeing my cock from the trousers, and nuzzled it about her face as the camera flashed. Then she gently sucked it into her mouth as I slid my hands into the bodice of her gown fondling her titties, nipples between my fingers as the camera clicked away. After I came into her mouth, the camera captured cum dripping from Andrea's chin onto the front of her gown. She stood in front of me, while I hugged her body and worked up her gown to reveal Andrea's bare butt and the camera flashed again. Andrea and I slowly wandered about the reception sipping our champagne and accepting well wishes from people. I was aware of my semi erect cock leaking pre-cum, and I was sure it was making a dark spot on the front of my trousers, as I didn't have anything else on. There were times when Andrea's nineteen year old roommate, April, stood with us while guests took impromptu photos after the photographer finished. April was dressed in a blue low cut bridesmaid gown. At one point, April stooped to adjust her shoe, and I noticed she didn't have a bra on either. The time came to toss the bouquet and the garter. I stood beside Andrea as the single ladies vied ...