1. A Getaway to Remember

    Date: 10/8/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: elude, Source: LushStories

    I awoke from the best sleep I had had in ages. It was the first holiday I had managed for over a year and I was looking forward to a week in the Italian sun, recharging my batteries after spending my days in front of a computer screen. I had arrived yesterday evening and had only just time to shower and change for dinner, which was classic Italian food. I had bumped into Jessica, a single girl, who by chance was in the room next to mine on the third floor of the boutique hotel overlooking the sea. At dinner our tables were next to each other and we decided to share just one table. It had been a lovely first evening. We had shared a couple of bottles of wine with our food and had chatted for ages about everything. Jessica was a dark haired, dark eyed, attractive English girl in her mid-twenties. She was taking a break and traveling around Italy before starting a new job. I could tell she had been in Italy a while because of the tan she had acquired, and there was something about her that drew me in. The conversation ranged from jobs; I was in computers and Jessica was an architect, to life, loves and family. It transpired that she was still a virgin despite her age, something I found strange as she was a very attractive woman who could have any man or woman she chose. At the end of dinner, we both walked to the elevator to our rooms and agreed to meet up the next day after lunch and take a trip to the local town. Running my fingers through my light brown hair, I sat up in ... my king size bed and looked around. I loved this room. It was cool and white and refreshing. I needed coffee so I called down to reception for room service and ordered coffee and pastries. Despite my love of food, I had managed to stay slim and for some reason, many of my friends were jealous of my petite figure, including my B-cup breasts that went well with my 5ft 3in frame. I grabbed my white bathrobe as the knock at the door sounded that breakfast had arrived. I tipped the waiter and placed the tray on the table by the patio doors which led to the balcony overlooking the sea. As I slipped into the chair, I saw her walking out onto her balcony, dressed only in a very small red bikini. Wow, she looks stunning. I watched her as she moved around, noticing how easily she moved as she prepared to get some early sunbathing in. She laid her towel on the recliner and delved into her bag, producing some sun tan lotion. She started to slowly spread the lotion on her body, starting with her neck before moving to her shoulders, arms and stomach. I thought how sexy she looked and how much of a tease it was to watch Jessica touch herself like that. As I alternated between gulps of coffee and nibbles of pastry, I just watched Jessica as she spread the lotion all over herself. Quickly she moved to her thighs and legs and her stomach again. She glistened in the sun and with her black hair and red lipstick; I thought she looked a picture. Quickly she lay down on the recliner, which was ...