1. Xhamster Horniness for Thanksgiving:-)

    Date: 10/8/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Voyeur, Author: modelmaven, Source: xHamster

    This is the transcript of my most recent extremely erotic xhamster conversation. I hope it brings joy and horniness to you. 7 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> hello 7 days ago Modelmaven---> Hi! 7 days ago whacha up to? 6 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> you ignoring me (again) today? :-) 5 days ago Modelmaven---> Yes. Work deadlines and now 197 messages. A really horny Dominican. He is getting me revved up. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> oh, so I've been demoted and don't get you reved up any more.. :-( 5 days ago Modelmaven---> You are due for a spanking. Under the desk, N O W !! 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> If I must..... but it's dark down her.... but boy does it smell sweet... I wonder what is that soft aroma? 5 days ago Modelmaven---> That's my cunt, you dog. Now get licking! [image][/image] 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> hmmmm. I was hoping you'd tell me that.... place those thighs up over my shoulders so I can get in there good and deep.. really let my tongue work you inside and out! Your clit is so swollen... maybe I'll just ficus here and suck on this for a while! 5 days ago Modelmaven---> I am not an ornamental bush! (I mean I am a bush, but--). I'll do the commanding thank you very much. Put your left ring finger in my anus. Put your left middle finger where it likes to be. Put your pointer finger just below my clitoris. Now, kiss my beaver gently. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> hmmmm, As you wish my dear.... soft gentle kisses, ... slow, lingering licks... your hips are telling me I'm doing this to your satisfaction. 5 days ago Modelmaven---> Your efforts are noted. Continue a little deeper forthwith. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> I kiss your swollen clit, softly, gently... making sure to pay attention to your moistening pussy lips as well... parting them ever so often with my wanting tongue.... begging for your approval and wanting to slip it deep inside you and taste your sweet goodness. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> I start at the bottom, just above your anus, my tongue gently licking upwards... you arch so slightly, giving me just the little room I needed for it to part your pussy lips.... they glide open to reveal you moist tunnel... 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> my tongue darts, S-L-O-W-L-Y in and out, circling your lips before reentering... each pass going slightly deeper and deeper inside your loveliness. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW yORKER---> It's hard to talk and to concentrate on anything else, but I want to go further for you.... I stop momentarily, look up and say, ma'amm, do you mind if I play with your anus some more as well? 5 days ago Modelmaven---> Oh no, now my eyes rolled back in my head and I've lost all composure for the afternoon. Please do continue. 5 days ago Modelmaven---> You should keep your ring finger in there because when I start to climax I'll push you out if you are not well seated inside me. And I can feel one coming on. 5 days ago vERY HORNY nEW ...