1. Sue, Frank and I (MFM 2)

    Date: 10/8/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Wife / MILF, Author: JayBird69, Source: sexstories.com

    Sues first MFM continued Several people have asked about happened after Sue had her first MFM encounter with Frank and I. The relationship lasted for a couple of years One good thing about having a fuck buddy for so long is everyone is comfortable with each other, Sue did things to Frank or let him do things to her that she let no one else do except me. She even rimed him. I think she only rimed two people, me and him. This story is also spread out over time. It runs the list from when Sue and Frank were getting to know one another to when they were fully comfortable with the whole MFM situation. After I got to watch Sue getting fucked by Frank the first time I anxiously awaited the next time. Watching her taking a different cock really turned me on. The stories are not in chronological form. One thing may have happened before another or the other way around. Some incidents may be merged to appear they happened together when they may have been two separate incidents. Party night was not every time Frank came over. Sometimes nothing happened. Sometimes it was just vanilla sex. I would fuck her and then he would , or he might go first. Sometimes she would suck one of us off while the other fucked her. If the mood was right sometimes she just did him. It wasn't supper sex each time. The next time Frank came over he appeared like he did not know how to act. How does one act when one has had sex with the woman with her husband watching. He did not want to look at me or Sue. Sue ... told him. “Frank, I know you are feeling funny right now, but there are some things you need to know. You are not the first person to fuck me since I married hubby. We have been swapping for a while. That means the man has done me while hubby does his wife. So of course hubby knows, and approves Hubby has been after me for a long time to let a man fuck me when he can watch. We were friends and you and my husband got along well. It was my decision to have sex with you and let him watch. You need to keep in mind this is a no strings attached sex thing. You have what is called friends with benefits. I want our relationship in the past to continue along with sex occasionally. Do you think you can do that? Frank hemed and hawed and said. “I just don't understand how a man can watch his wife get fucked and not get mad. It is all so strange to me. I enjoyed fucking you very much it just felt strange with him watching.” “Frank.” I said “I can't explain it I just like to watch her get fucked. I am not gay or even bisexual as far as I know, I just get hot watching her have sex with others.. Is there anything I can say or do to convince you It is not going to make me angry when you fuck her. We have been friends for a long time and I think you will make an excellent sex partner for Sue and I. He replied “I loved fucking her. She is fantastic. Lets keep things like they are now. I am sure I will get over feeling funny with you watching us. “Well”, I said. “Let's get you used to it. Sue ...