1. Becoming a Cuckold 1

    Date: 10/9/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Voyeur, Author: dirtymindedminx, Source: xHamster

    Becoming a Cuckold, Ch. 1 by DirtyMindedMinx I blew my load and immediately felt like crap. I closed the browser and just sat there in the dark. My orgasm gave me a few seconds of pleasure, but the moment was fleeting and ultimately unsatisfying. How had I been reduced to this? I love my wife. Irene and I have been married for almost twelve years, we have two beautiful chïldren, and we hardly ever fight or even get into arguments. She’s a great mom and a loving partner. I do all I can as her husband to make her happy, and I think I’ve managed to do that…for the most part. My wife tells me that she loves me, and I truly believe her. I must admit that I’m not an especially handsome man. I try to eat healthy and exercise once in a while, but I honestly don’t have the best body either. I do have a good job and provide for her and the famïly, though we’re by no means rich. Despite these shortcomings, she stays with me and generally seems content. But, there is one small area that never ceases to worry me: the bedroom. Irene’s sex drive was never very high, not even when we were dating. I thought maybe she would loosen up more after we got married. Things did pick up slightly during our “Honeymoon Phase,” but that time turned out to be fairly short by my reckoning. It’s not that the sex is bad, necessarily. I enjoy our special private time together as much now as when we first met. It’s just that those times are becoming less and less frequent as the years pile up. She almost ... always has an orgasm when we do it – I do my best to make sure of that. I use my mouth on her a lot, and I’ve gotten very good at knowing just what to do to make her feel good. I guess she could be faking it, and I do wonder about that, but if she is she’s very convincing. The other area of concern for me is my penis. Frankly, it’s not very big. Not big at all, actually. Irene has always insisted that my size isn’t an issue for her. What I’ve got is plenty enough for her, she often tells me. I want to believe this, but it’s not easy. I like to think of myself as having a solid five inches of hard cock, but the truth is that it’s closer to four and a half. Even though it’s not as long or as thick as I’d like, I’m still pretty happy with it. It’s a good looking cock, if I do say so myself, and it has the added benefit that Irene can easily get the whole thing in her mouth when my birthday rolls around. The problem was we hadn’t had sex in almost two months, and my birthday was half a year away. I looked down at my cock and felt like shit. I had it gripped in my hand, the tip of the head barely peeking out of my fist. My cum had welled up and some spilled down my knuckles. Porn has increasingly been my only outlet – my shameful mistress. Irene will sometimes let me jerk off to her tits or ass, but she hasn’t even been in the mood for that lately. I was a bad husband. I wasn’t satisfying my wife, which meant she didn’t feel the desire to satisfy me. I needed to do something. The next ...