1. Snow, Sex, Exhibitionism - Pt 2

    Date: 10/9/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: NudeClaire, Source: LushStories

    I am highly aroused, knowing that my blonde voyeur is watching us, hiding behind the curtains on the facing chalet. Giselle cups my breasts, fondles them, pressing them together with loving tenderness. I feel them swell with pleasure, my pink nipples rising up and pointing towards the window. Giselle bends and her tongue wanders over my areolae, circles my firm tits, licks me, sucks me and she bites my erect nipples. I moan under the attention of her soft lips, my nipples between her teeth, while her fingers play among my curly pubic hair and slide between my wet labia. The curtain has moved again and I give myself fully to Giselle. She embraces me, hugs me, pulling me hard against her. Our lips meet in a long, seemingly endless kiss. I close my eyes. I surrender to her desire, to my lust. Giacomo's breath is now on my neck, his strong hands on my hips and his hard sex against my buttocks. I open my legs and Giselle slides fingers between my sex petals, so wet with love and desire. I hold onto the top of the armchair in front of the window, completely naked and offered to my unknown admirer. Her blonde braid has softly brushed against the pane, inviting me to go further for her. I arch my back, offering my rump to Giacomo, an invitation to his beautiful and long, hard, erect cock. I am so wet that he penetrates deep into my vagina with a single hip thrust. I moan, a combination of pleasure and pain from this powerful thrusting. He holds me by my hips; I cannot escape from ... his heavy pounding. He plunges into me, impales me, his balls flapping against my clit each time his sex spears me. Even deeper and faster, even harder, his shaft fills me and I push back against him. I moan, I shout, I comem and come. I explode, I forget. With my hands grasping the top of the armchair, I steadily regain my breath. Giacomo's warm sperm is running down my thighs. I spread my legs wide for Giselle to slide under me. She licks me, drinking with passion and love, licking Giacomo's warm semen from my legs and between my thighs. She swallows the last drops of his sperm, mingled with my own nectar which pours from my still fully opened sex. My clit has become so sensitive that the slight touch of the tip of Giselle's tongue makes me shiver. I’m craving again for Giacomo's cock, for Giselle's hands, fingers and mouth. I cum again and she drinks from my sex fountain, kissing my flower. She licks it, sucks it, buries her face between my thighs. I release the armchair and grasp her long hair. I press her face against my sex until I come against her. I collapse on the floor. Giacomo swiftly undresses Giselle. I look up at her; she is now fully nude, so beautiful, so desirable. She smiles at me as she waits for him, and for me. She waits for us. I fondle her breasts and kiss her while Giacomo plunges deep inside. She moans, offering herself and we take her; Giacomo as a man, myself as a woman. I rub my breasts against hers, I caress her, kiss her, my lips gliding over her ...