1. My Son Seduced And Fucked Me Hard: Mom Son i****t

    Date: 10/9/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: vijji211, Source: xHamster

    I am Jhumli resident of Delhi. This is my story. I am 38 years old and married. I have a son who is 20 years by now. My husband has export and import business, he has always been very busy with his work and hardly he was able to and ready to give time. One day when I was washing his clothes I found a set of used condoms in his pocket, I was shocked as we did not have sex in last 6 months . So why he would need that, later I found out that he is having an affair with his office colleague and they do regular sex. I was heart broken and devastated. Anyway coming back to the story, for me my world was my Son and I could do anything for him. However I started realizing a change in him. One day I was taking bath and suddenly realized that some one is peeping from d window, I felt it was my son Ricky.But thought may be he wanted to getting to bathroom hence he was peeping. But I was shocked when d next day afternoon I saw him playing with my bra and panties. He was full nude and madly kissing my used inners. I realized that he is sexually inclined towards me. I felt ashamed but at the same time I felt strangely happy that still I have it me to turn a 20 years old. My boobs are large and have a curve figure , I know I am attractive, but with my son, I felt that’s not possible. But his attention towards me only increased. He started hugging me,kissing me in any excuse. Yesterday when he returned from college he hugged me saying “oh mom U looking so sexy in this nighty and he hold ... my waist, that hug continued along gentle pressing on my waist and stomach area for good 3 mins. Then he went to his room , I followed him and yes I was correct, he immediately masturbated taking my name loud” oh my sexy babe Jhumki , when can I fucking u , so soft ur waste man ahhhhhhh”. Next day he again hugged me and kisses me on my neck. I liked it, then he hold me tight and pressed my boobs on his chest, I allowed him. Next day again same thing continued, it lasted for 10 mins, he kissed my chicks, neck hand. Next day morning I wore a short nighty, blue color, tight fit , till upper Thai, I was planning to seduce him and was mentally ready to fucking him. He woke up in d morning ad came to kitchen, he hugged me from back, I knew that he was waiting for it. He started kissing me and reached my leaps, he put his tongue inside and started sucking my leaps. Fist time I hold him and kissed him as well. I took his left hand and put on my right boob. He got the signal and started pressing them. He inserted his hands inside and started pressing my boobs and nipples. I liked it, did not realize when my hand reached his pant and I pulled his disk out, man it was big,,, he asked me” how it s mom” I said “its big nice”. I asked him” have u fucked any girl?” he said” yes in college but no comparison to u”, yo are sexy babe , lets go to a room. I smile an d said “carry your baby.” he took me to be in his lap and loosed my nighty, he bent down answer straight put his fingers inside my ...