1. More than a Handful - An Adult Story

    Date: 10/9/2017, Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo, Author: therealbk, Source: xHamster

    I had known Mike for about five years. We were pretty good friends. We had almost all the same classes in school. We dated the same girls and hung out with the same group of friends almost every day. I would do anything in my power to come to his house anytime he asked if I wanted to come over. Besides the big pool at his house or his room that had everything you ever wanted. He had the greatest Mom ever. She was the number one thing no other of my friends had? His hot overly developed Mom; she was the hottest looking MILF in town. Mrs. Tia Smalls. I never missed a chance to check her out. The first time I saw her. She was sunning herself out back of there house near the pool. I immediately jumped into the deep end to hide my ever growing erection. She was stunning in a two piece yellow bikini that left nothing to the imagination. She had long tan legs. Her big round ass was the perfect size, aching to fall out her yellow bikini bottom. Her thick thighs and ample curves on the bottom were only matched by her huge breast. There were so big and round. Her big pouty lips and she always matched her finger and toe nails colors to what ever she was wearing. Mike paid little attention to her, but every one of his friends talked behind his back about fucking his Mother some day. She was super kind and always said hello to me. She would wear sexy perfume and try to dress conservatively in front of Mike’s friends. She never had to work. Mike’s Dad owned a big investment company and ... traveled a lot. Mike would forget were he was but I keep track. Hoping to stop by and catch her all alone. I tried twice in the last month to stop by Mike’s house uninvited but both times his Mom was out running errands. I just kept my finger cross and kept jacking my cock every chance I got thinking of her. I was in home room when my cell went off. I looked down to see Mike had sent me a text. He wanted to know if I wanted to sl**p over at his house this weekend. His Dad was in Europe for the next three weeks and we had talked about studying for our finals next week. I looked around home room, wanted to make sure no one saw the big smile on my face. I sent him a text that it sounded good. We both need to do well on our finals plus I get to check out his hot Mother around there house. I could not wait for the final bell. Mike picked me up in his new red convertible. We stopped at my house and I ran inside to get some clothes and a few text books to make it look good that we might study. I left a note on the fridge telling my parents where I was going to be and I am home late Sunday night. I grabbed some cash from my s****r purse and headed out the front door to Mike’s car. Took about thirty minutes but we finally got to his house. A small black dog greeted us at the door. I stepped over him and we went straight to his room. His Mom had texted him that she was running some errands and would not be home till later. She left some money for us to order some pizza. We both played ...