1. Step Mother Needs Saving

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    Bill came from a broken home. In fact his earliest memories are that of his parents divorce. So for the better part of his childhood and adolescents he accepted life as it was. Living with his mother on week days and spending weekends at his fathers house. Bill unlike most kids in his situation was very understanding and actually considered himself to be very lucky. Both of his parents moved on and remarried to some amazing people. His father was able to find a wonderful loving woman who showed everyone with a great deal of kindness. His mother found an out standing man who through the years taught a young Bill how to be a man and was a large father figure where Bills biological father wasn't able to be. So as far as Bill saw it he was very lucky to have four great parents. As Bill got older however he started to realize that one of those parents wasn't all that they where cracked up to be. It all started when Bill was 13. He understood that due to the custody issues his father couldn't always be there for him. Don't get Bill wrong he was very grateful that his stepfather was able to step in. There where a lot of questions Bill had that nobody could give him the answers too. This left Bill very conflicted. Then one summer night Bill got the answers he was looking for. Bill's relationship with his mother was becoming strained and more times then not the sound of yelling could be heard coming from the house. Then it happened Bill finally had enough of taking orders from his ... mother. "I can't take this any more mom!" Bill said in a raised voice. "Well that's tough shit. Cause you still have five years under my roof." his mother retorted. "The hell I do I'm calling dad. I'll live there with him I won't have to deal with your shit again." Bill snapped back. Before his mother could answer back Bill was already on the move retreating to his room to pack his bag. His mother hot on his heels. Bill was in his room. He half excepted his mother to give him a bitch slap from hell when she barged in. Much to his shock she had tears in her eyes. "So your gonna call your dad and he's gonna come racing over her to save you." His mom said through her tears. "Dad loves me and wants whats best for me!" Bill said. "Billy you had to find out one day." She paused "call him" she turned and walked out of Bills room. With his mother now gone bill pulled his cell phone out and dialed his dad. When he hard his dads voice Bill was oddly at a loss of words. "Hey buddy how's it going." Bills dad said. Bill lost it and started crying. "Dad I can't take it here anymore with mom. I wanna come live you." Bill said "Buddy buddy clam down. You know you can't live here." His dad was quick with his response. "No dad its OK. Mom said she would be alright with it." Bill said. "She what!!" Bills father yelled "go put her on the phone." Bill got up from his packing and walked to his mothers room. He said nothing as he handed his phone over to his mother. Much to his shock his mother told ...