1. Fulfilling Jesse's Fantasy

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Hardcore, Male Domination, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife / MILF, Author: Pina05, Source: sexstories.com

    I satisfy a rape fantasy for my wife, while I satisfy some of my own. This is my first story on here. Constructive comments are always welcome. _________________________ Fulfilling Jesse’s Fantasy My wife Jesse is a complete knockout. She's 5'9, with blond hair and blue eyes. She has a great physique that she maintains by jogging and yoga. Even though she's 34 years old, her d-cup breasts don’t sag- it’s as if she was still eighteen. Her butt is firm, with no apparent cellulite. Guys say I'm a lucky man to have her, but the truth is that our lovemaking was now routine, bordering on boring. It happened once a week on the weekend, usually in the missionary position, where after orgasm we would clean up and fall right to sleep. It's a pattern followed by many in the world. A very hard week at work gets coupled with lots of pressure from family and commitments, resulting in no quality time for each other. Sometimes we would go for months without sex. We were just so tired by the end of the day, weekends included, to do anything more that kiss each other goodnight and fall straight to sleep. Special stuff like blow jobs and eating pussy was infrequent, and was usually saved for birthdays, long weekends, and maybe Christmas. We needed a spark and I stumbled upon that spark by accident. It was a Friday night when I conceived my plan. Jesse had some girlfriends over for some wine, and I excused myself and left to go hang with my brother and some friends of my own. I did not want to ... stick around and listen to a bunch of girls bitch and moan about their lives, which is usually what happened during these get-togethers. I got back early, but instead of using the front door I came in through the garage. My brother had borrowed some tools from me and had returned them, so I put them away before I entered the main house. The garage connected to the kitchen, and the girls were in the living room. I opened the connecting door and was met with the sound of high pitched laughter coming from there. I saw several empty wine bottles on the kitchen counter, and knew that many of the girls were well into their cups. I was a little pissed, because it meant I would have to endure them for a while longer before they left but it quickly became apparent that they hadn't heard me come in. "Seriously, you played out a rape fantasy?" my wife's friend Alyssa asked. "Yes, and it was sure hot!" exclaimed Samantha, an old college friend of my wife. "My boyfriend put on a mask and he had this toy gun, and he went to town on me!" Samantha began giving details, and it was sounding like a pretty hot story, but what was even hotter to me was the level of interest my wife seemed to have in it. Jesse asked most of the questions, and kept pressing Samantha for details. This was when the spark hit me. I would setup a rape fantasy of our own. I would have a lot of work to do. I quietly crept back out to the garage, and waited there for another hour as thoughts kept running through my head. I ...