1. Sears

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: mranonymous7, Source: LushStories

    When I was twenty-eight, I was a very happily married full-fledged heterosexual man. My wife Barbara was a very attractive blonde, five years my junior and our bedroom activities were really hot. I considered myself 100% straight, even though I’d received a drunken blowjob from my college roommate, when I was eighteen, which I didn’t return the favor for by the way. It was a one-time thing that ‘just happened’ one night and was never mentioned again by either of us. Barbara and I bought our first house together from her parents. But that’s another story. Through our short five-year marriage, which ended in a divorce, we never lost ‘our spark’ in the bedroom. She was a total hottie to me and I was always eager to enjoy her favors as often as possible. She was a very sexy girl, always eager to please me and I was both happy and eager to share my seven and a half inches with her as often as possible. We enjoyed a very active normal sex life but a little on the kinky side. I was happy she allowed me go down on her and she would happily provide oral sex to me upon request. In case you're wondering, the divorce was not for lack of passion in our sex life, it was for totally unrelated reasons that I won't get into now. We’d been married for almost two years, when one day I went to Six Flags mall, where there was a Sears’s department store. I went alone and while I honestly don't remember what I was shopping for, I do remember that I was in the lawn and garden department. I ... stopped my shopping for a few minutes to use their public restroom and went to the corner of the store where it was located. Inside the restroom there were two adjoining stalls with a metal partition separating them and locking doors. Both were unoccupied at the time so I chose the one in the corner against the wall. As I entered and locked the door to my stall, I heard someone else enter the bathroom, but didn't see them because I was already locked inside my stall. The person quickly entered the stall next to mine and heard him lock his door. As I surveyed my surroundings, I noticed to the left of me, in the metal wall partition separating us that there was a four or five-inch diameter hole about waist level. As I was standing in front of the commode, I looked down at an angle through the hole in the wall and saw the guy’s pant leg as he stood in front of his commode. I’ve always been a little self-conscious about using public facilities with strangers around, so I was having a little trouble getting started. As I stared down at the hole, I saw the anonymous stranger drop his pants and underwear down to his ankles so that they bunched around his shoes. I stared at his bare leg and as I watched it, I saw them start to tremble, to shake rhythmically. I thought to myself, "This guy couldn't be masturbating in a public restroom, could he?" I bent over to get a closer look, but not close enough to the hole to be seen so I wouldn’t be caught looking. I was shocked to see that it was ...