1. Abused

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Hardcore, Author: abusedyouth, Source: xHamster

    NO TRUTH, JUST FICTION I grew up learning about sex from a young age. My step dad raised me when my mom walked out when I was just a baby. Dad never sexually abused me but we had a one bedroom house and I slept in his room on a cot and was there when dad brought women in at night to fuck. He did not care what I saw or if I watched. In fact I think it turned him on more. He liked big tit and a big round ass on his women. He would undress them and then he would get naked and he would stand them facing my bed as he got behind them and ravaged first their tits then their pussy. I watched him finger fuck their cunts and assholes before he pushed his cock into them and fuck them hard. My step dad had a huge dick and he loved to have it sucked and he would shove the woman's head and ram it deep in her throat and hold it there while she sucked. Most of the women were sluts and did not even mind I was in the bed next to them watching as dad used them in every way he could think of. Besides fucking dad liked to spank and slap. Because the women had huge tits he loved slapping them and also slapping their faces. He would hold their arms behind their backs and have them arch their backs and he would slap each big tit till it was bright red. Then he would twist and pull the nipples. He loved to put them on their hands and knees and spank their asses. His big cock would get so hard and stick straight out as he whipped the ass cheeks. Then he would put one to four fingers in their cunts ... and assholes and fuck them before he would ram his huge dick in their asses and fuck them hard. I could see their huge tits hanging down and swaying as his cock fucked them hard. Dad played a lot of porn in our bedroom and that is how I knew dad had a bigger dick than most men. He always slept naked on top of the covers and he would get real hard as he watched the movies. I could look over and see his dick sticking straight up in the air. Then he would stroke it and soon cum would shoot out of it as he moaned. Even though my step dad never touched me he had me sl**p naked as soon as I was out of diapers. In the summer when it was hot I also slept on top of the covers. I was so used to being naked I even stayed nude around the house. When I was f******n I grew a nice set of tits. They next two years they got bigger and bigger. One day my step dad told me &#034You have a nice set of tits like your mom. Big and firm. Some man is going to really enjoy them.&#034 Then he turned me and looked at my ass. &#034Your ass is sexy. Nice and round and perky. You are going to make a man a great fuck. Do you want to fuck a big hard dick?&#034 I really did. Dad then took me in and shaved my pussy. He told me &#034I will help you keep your pussy nice and smooth so you can show it off. Men like a bald snatch.&#034 Then he took my hand and put it on my pussy and rubbed it back and forth. &#034Now see how smooth that feels. That is what a man likes to feel and lick. Not a hairy sticky bushy ...