1. Emma’s Bid for Marital Bliss

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories

    My husband stood in front of me rubbing his bottom madly. Well he would as I had just finished spanking him, yet again. He just didn’t learn so I had to spank him again. It had only been two days since his last spanking after all. Not that I minded. He needed to be spanked and like any loving wife I saw it as my duty to spank him. I had several heavy wooden hairbrushes that helped make the pain intense. I sat on my spanking chair with my arms crossed, one leg crossed over the other, and watched as he jumped from foot to foot whilst rubbing his bottom. He had been naughty and earned his spanking. Even so, his penis was erect as he looked at me through his tear filled eyes and we both knew that now he was, ‘good,’ again we would soon make up. In bed and having the greatest sex. Much better sex than before I started to spank him. It was now a time honoured practice. I generally put him across my lap, bare bottom, well naked actually, and spanked him with my hand for at least fifteen minutes. Even I was surprised how long I could spank Dave’s bare bottom without stopping. Afterwards I used a hairbrush, which even I admit is a wicked looking wooden backed oval hairbrush. I never used it to brush my hair; just to spank Dave’s bottom. It made a delicious slapping sound as it thrashed down on his bare bottom, sending his scrumptious bottom cheeks flooding away in waves, and then those waves wobbled back in to place ready for the next spank. He cried out of course, loudly, and kicked ... his legs and squirmed around on my lap and the like; but I ignored all of that nonsense. Well I knew it hurt so expected him to react like that. Just so long as he stayed on my lap; and to his credit he did. Now he stood in front of me, rubbing his bottom, with his penis wobbling up and down as he stepped from foot to foot. He was crying and apologising profusely. I stood up, held open my arms, and he collapsed in to them. I hugged him, rubbing his back, calming him down. “I’m sorry, Emma,” he cried. I knew he meant it. He always did after I had spanked him. I remained firm. “Well you should have thought more in the first place, Dave. Then I wouldn’t have to put you across my knee so often,” I said confidently, patting his warm bottom, whilst still hugging him. “I know,” he whimpered. “I’ll try harder.” He rested his head on my shoulder and accepted my kindness. Just like any naughty boy after a good hard spanking. I answered sternly, “Yes, you better had because otherwise I’ll be spanking you again very soon, won’t I?” “Yes,” came the wet reply. So as usual after a spanking I grabbed hold of his erect penis and squeezed, enjoying his gasp of pain. I led him to the bed and made him stand there watching me get undressed. His penis stiffened even further. Once I was naked I sat on the side of the bed watched him take the rest of his clothes off. It got me aroused. I held his arm, turned him, and smacked his bottom several times. He gasped as each spank hit home. It was another ...