1. Wife tag teamed at party

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: Anal, Mature, Author: DD_Rules, Source: xHamster

    It's been several months since the night my wife became the main attraction for two very horny and perverted young men that were attending the same party as my her. Let me give you some background of the events that lead up to the night my wife of 26 years was taken by two bold guys half her age. Carol, yes her real name had plans to stay at our friends acreage to attend a party as I was out of the country working at the time. Our friends have a beautiful place way out in the country and like to have large parties where there usually ends up being lots of drinking. Many of the guests take their RV's out and stay for the entire weekend. My wife is a total MILF and about 2 years previously she had surprised me by saying she was going to get a boob job. Of course I was elated at the prospects of my already well endowed wife becoming even bigger. I made a big deal about telling her that she was great just the way she was by of course I was thrilled. After a few consultations with the surgeon she settled on a set of 460 cc implants. I didn't really have any idea what 460 cc of saline gel could do for a woman with 36c breasts but when Carol woke from the surgery and showed me her new tits for the first time I knew my dreams of being married to a &#034Score&#034 girl just came true&#034. Over the next several months our sex life just got better and better. It took almost no encouragement to get my wife to wear very revealing blouses and tops. She loved exposing her tits in public ... every chance she got. Much of our sex talk involved my fantasy of sharing her fabulous body with other guys and although we had many wild discussions about it it remained a fantasy. That is until the weekend party at our friends. While I was away we texted every night and I called regularly. We had great phone sex and she sent me many photos of her with various toys in her sweet wet pussy. I especially loved the ones where she lifted her wide womanly hips and presented a wonderful view of her tight pink ass hole. Our sex play would usually end up with me telling her how bad I wanted to see her being seduced and screwed by hot young studs. She always went along and made up stories to get me all worked up. Little did I know that the events of the party would be more erotic than anything I had imagined to that point. Carol was invited to stay the weekend at Kevin and Leslie's house along with a few other close friends. Early in the evening I texted her to see how the party was going and she said they were all just sitting around a big camp fire in the yard, drinking and listening to music. Any hot guys there I asked, half joking. Actually there are a couple she replied and they have been flirting with me since supper. My cock was instantly hard and I told my wife I was totally arroused thinking about her ther with some hot men. Her reply was that she was having a blast teasing them and that maybe my fantasy would come true. I was shaking with excitement and told Her to just enjoy ...