1. Couple joins Mile-High Club, with honors!

    Date: 10/10/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Voyeur, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    You all may remember, some months back, a married couple were arrested whilst aboard a transatlantic flight and charged with indecent behaviour. The newspapers said that they were involved in a romantic interlude'. Well it just so happens that I was also aboard that flight, and let me tell you, what you read in the tabloids was not even close to the whole story! To use a quote: &#034The truth? They couldn't handle the truth!&#034 It all started in the early spring of this year. After a two week business trip, I was catching an overnight flight back from Hong Kong, and along with the other passengers, was waiting patiently in the departure lounge ready to board a 747 to take me home. Scribbling some final notes from my last meeting (yes, I still find it easier to use a pencil and paper!), I looked around me. I was obviously not the first person to notice the couple. It was difficult not to. At that time, of course, none of us knew that they were a married couple, they just looked like your average lovers that were getting a little overheated. Trying not to make myself look too suspicious, I studied them both for a minute. They both looked to be in their early or mid twenties. Both attractive looking, he was tall and muscular with short light coloured hair, whilst she had long jet black hair that fell in curls down her back. She also looked tall with a fit, healthy looking body and, I noticed, a rather nice pair of tits! It was difficult to see their faces properly, as they ... both had their tongues down each others throats for extraordinarily long periods of time. It got to the point when you began to wonder when they would come up for air! Anyway, the flight was called and we finally boarded. Being a night flight, and in the middle of the week, the plane was far from full. In fact I would say that only about 40% of the seats were taken. The pilot and crew made their usual announcements regarding weather, journey time and safety regulations while we taxied to the runway. As soon as we were in the air and at cruising altitude, the crew dimmed the lights so as to allow the passengers to sl**p. I am a regular air traveler, but I have never yet managed to master the art of sl**ping on a flight. The noise from the engines and the ever present fear of turbulence (or worse!) keep me wide awake. I pulled out my current novel from my hand luggage and prepared myself for the long flight. After three hours of sitting in the same position, I decided to stretch my legs for a while. I got up from my seat, noticing that most of the plane was quiet and in darkness. Everyone seemed to be sl**ping. Whilst I was up, I thought I might as well use the bathroom (another frightening, but sadly necessary experience whilst flying). As I quietly padded down the aisle, trying hard not to awaken any other passengers, I notice the two lovers from earlier, smooching together in seats right at the rear of the aircraft. No one else was anywhere near them. I laughed silently and ...