1. Her Presents

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Anal, Fetish, Gay, Author: naughty_bi_interest, Source: xHamster

    cock ring – creampie – panties – stockings – domination – strap-on – role reversal She had a number of surprises for him... We had just gotten back from a friend's wedding. They had a nice ceremony on a golf course under some trees and then a party afterwards inside the club house. It was an open bar and they had hired a band. We spent most of the night making the rounds saying hello and visiting with both families. After several drinks and a couple of dances we said goodnight. We got home and snuggled in bed. It was the first time all day we had to ourselves. After some much needed kissing and fondling Pam said, &#034I bought you a present.&#034 I was pleasantly surprised when she showed it to me. It was made of three gold links interwoven together in a precise and intricate fashion making it about an inch thick. I looked closer and saw the word 'Pam' etched over and over again on each of the gold links. &#034It's pretty,&#034 I said holding it. &#034Let me put it on you,&#034 she smiled. I held my wrist out and she giggled. &#034No silly, it is a cock ring.&#034 She pulled the covers back and moved down to my crotch. I spread my legs giving her plenty of access. I had never seen a cock ring before. She opened it up and looped the gold jewelry around my scrotum and pulled the ends together trapping my cock and balls away from my body. She clasped it shut, gave it a gentle tug to ensure that it was securely fastened and admired the view. &#034That's better,&#034 she said. ... &#034Now you will think of me all the time,&#034 she said with a smile. &#034Honey...I think about you all the time now.&#034 I reached down and fondled the ring. It was actually pretty comfortable. It was snug, but that was the way it was supposed to be. It put tension around my cock, pulled my awareness to my crotch. I was not used to having something there, something I could feel like that. &#034So...what do you think?&#034 she asked. &#034I think it's kind of sexy,&#034 I said feeling myself becoming aroused. She noticed my excitement and slipped her hand around my rapidly expanding cock. &#034Now that's what I like to see,&#034 she said pumping my cock. The ring accentuated the feelings. And after I got hard the ring kept my erection really hard. She leaned over and danced her tongue over my nipple as she continued to stroke me. Now this was getting good. Everything seemed to happen twice as fast and twice as good. &#034Umm...you are so hard! Climb up on my chest. I want to see my present.&#034 I swung my leg over her and straddled her mid section. My cock was so hard. The ring kept my attention on my cock, which was right before her eyes. One of her hands went around my cock while the other played with my balls. &#034Your cock looks so cute, &#034she smiled. &#034I own this now...it belongs to me.&#034 &#034It's going to be more than cute if you keep that up,&#034 I said rapidly approaching climax. She pumped that much harder. &#034Oh gees...&#034 I moaned. Not only did it ...