1. I Swear I'm Not Gay - a story

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Hardcore, Author: smilinwillie2001, Source: xHamster

    Okay I did not originate this story. I copied it from a fellow named Nathan Butler on a site that specializes in erotic stories. But it got me so worked up, so into the fantasy, that I had to copy and paste it. This story really speaks to how much I feel like I've become cock obsessed. I want this to happen to me. &#034Cum in my mouth. Yeah, shoot your load in my mouth. Let me swallow your cum&#034 I repeated to myself as I jerked my cock rhythmically. The movie on the screen showed a guy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I had edged my 6&#034 cock multiple times and was sitting at my computer table muttering to myself in bliss when I looked up. Jake, a guy from my office, was standing in the doorway of my bedroom with his phone held in front of him. &#034You really like that gay blowjob shit, huh.&#034 Jake asked, nodding at my screen. He continued. &#034I guess you didn't hear me come in?&#034 Startled out of my trance, I looked at him with a surprised and then confused look on my face. From the back of my mind I remembered that my boss had told me he would have someone drop off a prototype I needed for my project. I work from home and had forgotten. But here was Jake. In my house. IN MY ROOM! Filming me! WTF? In my house? How long had he been there? &#034What the fuck are you doing in my house?&#034 I asked. Jack pinched his fingers on his screen and I realized he was zooming in either on the screen or on my cock. &#034Dude! What the fuck?&#034 I yelled as I scrambled ... to ex out of the video (currently showing a close up of a guy getting copious amount of cum shot into his mouth), inadvertently leaving open the site with a whole selection of gay cocksucking videos. Jake's eyes seemed to be focused on my cock while his arm moved the phone from the screen to me. &#034I was dropping off the R4 prototype we just printed for you. I knocked. The door was open. I heard you say to 'Come on up' - or something...&#034. He snorted. &#034I guess you were saying to &#034Cum in your mouth instead.&#034 He laughed. &#034My bad.&#034 Angrily, I got up and started toward him. &#034STOP FUCKING FILMING ME - YOU PEEPING FUCKING -&#034 Jake jerked out his arm in a police like gesture. &#034SIT YOUR ASS DOWN RIGHT NOW!&#034 &#034Unless you want this video sent to your wife immediately. This video of you begging the interwebs for cock.&#034 This stopped me. My wife didn't really know about this fetish of mine. She was a devout Baptist and would be severely bothered. I was screwed. &#034SIT THE FUCK DOWN!&#034 commanded Jake. Now I'm not small but I'm not a big guy either. Jake was probably 6' 2&#034 and, I noticed now, in great shape. Typical of his generation, he was wearing flipflops, shorts, and a tee shirt. I sat back down in my computer chair, now suddenly very aware of my nudity. My cock didn't seem to mind though. It was still hard as a rock. &#034Dude, what the fuck? Why are you doing this? You're a Fucking psychopath. Stop filming me!.&#034 I said. ...