1. Like Animals

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: LovelikeWinter, Source: LushStories

    Finally, my period was over. It had probably been over a week since I had a good fuck. Normally, on the days before my period I'm not in the mood and then when it comes, my sex drive kicks into high gear. I sometimes have sex while on it, but it's not preferable to me. The mess is a really big turn off. My husband was at work and would be coming home later on tonight so I had a lot to do. I began to play my A Perfect Circle: Mer De Noms CD loudly and stepped into the hot shower and imagined riding my husband's cock while I massaged my big, round titties. The sweet smelling Bath & Body Works shower gel began to fill the whole room with a sugary sweet vanilla scent. I threw my head back and let the hot water run through my long, thick hair and over my face. I began to imagine the water running down my face was my husbands sweet cum. I couldn't believe how horny I was. I took my time lathering my body in the shower gel to help me relax further. As I rinsed myself off, I let my fingers find my swollen pussy and felt the sticky wetness between my lips and began rubbing my clit thinking of everything I'd do to my husband when he came home. I was incredibly excited and was hoping to surprise and indulge him in everything I had planned for the evening. As I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, I turned the volume of the music down a bit. I decided to go all out and straighten my long, curly hair which was usually a chore but today was a labor of love. I applied a generous ... amount of lotion and body spray matching the scent of the shower gel I had used. I didn't apply any makeup since I didn't really need it. I painted my nails in my favorite color, hoping he'd notice while I gave him the blowjob I had planned. I didn't want to seem too obvious and give away the surprise, so I put on an ordinary pajama shirt, a thong, and really short pajama shorts. I also put on a pair of cute fuzzy socks so that I'd be wearing something when the rest of my clothes came off. After I thought I was completely ready, I listened to music until my husband came home. About 30 minutes later, he finally arrived. I could hear the loud music from his car playing from our bedroom. I waited on the bed for him to come in and greet me. When he finally came through the front door and entered the bedroom, I could tell he was exhausted. He ate dinner and told me about his day while I waited, almost impatiently, for him to be done. He told me he was going to take a shower and I waited in the room excitedly until he returned. When he did, I had doubts about tonight. He got dressed, jumped into bed and I watched him fall asleep in about less than 5 minutes. I sat, watching him, almost in disbelief and utter disappointment. I was caught between my own needs and his obvious need for sleep. I couldn't help but feel angry. Angry at the fact that the night I had planned was pretty much ruined. I wasn't going to masturbate.. I had been rubbing my clit on and off for the last hour and a ...