Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Author: Irishqt1980, Source: xHamster

    Adam and I had been friends since preschool. I had spent quite a lot of time at his house and he at mine. It wasn’t until the last year or two that I realized how incredibly beautiful his mom was. I arrived at Adam’s house one afternoon after school to help him with his math homework and even though I’d been told to just walk in, I rang the doorbell. “Alex, you know you can walk right on in.” his mom answered the door in shorts and a tank top. I swallowed hard before replying. “I’m just trying to be respectful Mrs. G.” She smiled and tilted her head slightly, “Adam isn’t home yet, baseball practice I think.” I already knew Adam had baseball practice; I wanted to be alone with her for a few hours. “I can come back.” I said tentatively, hoping she’d say no. “Nah, come on in, I was just going to lay by the pool, you can either go play a video game in Adam’s room or join me out by the pool.” “I’ll wait with you.” I followed her out through the kitchen, watching her walk in front of me was driving my senses crazy. She stopped at the refrigerator and grabbed two beers; she turned and winked at me. “Just don’t tell Adam.” If everything went the way I wanted there’d be a lot I wouldn’t be telling Adam. I winked and took the beer that was offered to me. “How’s Adam doing in math?” she asked me when we got by the pool “Better,” I said laughing, “still a few basic things he’s confused on, but he’ll get it.” She grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and slipped out her tank top and shorts ... revealing a very skimpy bikini. Jesus H Christ, I thought to myself, I had no idea she was that staked. “Alex, would you mind getting my back?” she asked lying out, face down on one of the chairs by the pool. I smiled and grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and moved closer, she smelled fantastic, and I very much wanted to just take her right there, but I would be patient. I slowly started rubbing the lotion into her incredibly soft skin, massaging her neck and back as I applied the lotion. “Alex, that feels great.” She said sighing softly, “you going into sports medicine when you graduate.” “Yeah, thinking about it.” I said as I allowed my fingers to graze the side of her perfect tits. She sighed again and I decided to up the ante. I moved down to her legs, and starting at her feet I massaged them slowly and worked my way up until I was at her thighs. My fingers grazed the inside of her thighs and she moaned softly. “Alex.” she said softly “What?” I replied, still slowly grazing the insides of her thighs with my fingers. “What are you doing?” “Making sure you don’t get burned.” I replied as I slid a hand just under the bikini bottom and gently squeezed. She sighed again and I allowed a finger to graze the crease of her ass. “Alex, have you been with a girl yet?” “A fair few.” I said continuing to graze her ass. “Mmmmm,” she sighed again as I continued massaging her back. “Alex, you know Adam would kill you if anything happened between us.” “I won’t tell him about the beer, won’t tell ...