1. Been a while - musings

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: andrea0817, Source: xHamster

    Lots of running. Down to 128 pounds WITH A FLAT TUMMY !!! Boobs are still over-sized and bloated. I've gotten used to it and with another year of breastfeeding ahead, it's just as well. I can only hope that come summer of 2017 they get back into their old shape. I do not expect it but, I can hope. Last time I wrote of my ability to have cervical intercourse having returned. Well, it's back but will unfortunately need to be kept in the closet. The truth is there is nothing more satisfying for me than being impaled and breathless while taking my man into my womb. The vaginal orgasm it produces is without comparison. Unfortunate it is there now is an after effect. The next morning pain is quite hard to deal with. It was never like this before. Actually, it's more than the next morning, it's reminding me for close to 2 days. Position for getting there is still tough, only one way and I really have to rubber girl myself. Roger loves it. Heck, so do I. He does understand taking it off the table. Only when I'm ready to conceive again will I go there. For that purpose, it's a guaranteed pregnancy, 1st time. Being back close to knockout shape I've adjusted my wardrobe, heck I did need it. Almost 2 years of being a haus frau had all the showy stuff out of date. Also, I never highlighted my chest. I sure do know. Wonder bras have it so I can rest my chin on them if I wish to. And I've kept the Afro hairstyle which looks with my milk white skin. I still get horny just seeing Roger and ... my fingers intertwined. The contrast is awesome. Not as awesome as watching his jet black cock penetrate me but in public it does just right to remind me to run home for privacy. I've been real good. One Man and One Cock. But I am being a much better tease. Almost too good. At a friends house party two weeks back we caught up with old friends. Old friends which we had swapped with in the past. Enjoyable memories for sure. The guy has an amazing body, not so good in the cock department, still good mind you, just cums faster than I would like. His frame is awesome. Tall and muscular with a 10 pack. OK, most guys want 6 pack abs. Yup, this guy has a 10 pack. Roger gave me the thumbs up is I wanted to play. More than a thumbs up actually, we talked about it on the way over. Turns out Roger really wanted his wife. He said a lot about the satisfaction of doing it with a black girl. So we decided that if the setting was right, we would both go for some old time fun. After party was just us four left at their place. We were all pretty hot from endless sexy dancing. They invited us to bed. And we accepted. I recounted how Roger really digs this girl, and the guy and I just watched as they got into hot foreplay. While this is going on I am stroking his cock and alternately scratching his abs with my nails. OK, so I sucked on him a little. Well, actually not a little, a lot. He is big enough to make deep throating him a challenge but not impossible. I did find a way to stop him from ...