1. Been a while - musings

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: andrea0817, Source: xHamster

    cumming fast. Just grab his ball sack hard and dig the nails in. He said whoa and I asked if he liked sharp objects down there. His reply was &#034Only red fingernails!&#034 I thought that funny. Then I raked him good. He absolutely loved it! He said &#034Fuck&#034 and I said &#034Not yet&#034. And he got a bit pushy, not f***eful, just using his weight to get me in an accessible position. I almost gave it up, or maybe had myself taken is more accurate a description. OK, we were teasing and kissing but I really did not want his cock. But if he did, I would have enjoyed being taken.just as well. He had me kind of halfway on my side and back with one leg up over his shoulder. Between my legs with his cock jabbing at me. Close to penetration but not there. I kept shifting away, then raking his torso with my nails. I found this just got him hotter. He had no concern or interest at all with his wife fucking Roger. I was his total focus. Until his wife started to scream. Happy wild passionate I'm cumming hard scream. Only then did he look. Her noise was immediately followed by ...
    Roger announcing &#034take it&#034 and with a grunt he was shooting seed into her raw. Roger is much bigger than this guy and she was on top with Roger balls deep. We both could see the base of his cock pumping contractions as he filled her and she was loving it. With that he says to me &#034My turn&#034. I whisper &#034Yes, she said she wanted both your loads tonight.&#034 OK, I lied. He lept off me, pulled his wife off Roger and slammed her down face first on the mattress and started to rip into her. It did not take long at all till he shot into her. Right afterwards I saw the most cum running out of her ever. More than I would have thought possible. It was like tablespoon blobs escaping her and many of them. I've had what I thought were huge deposits escape but nothing like this. So my dirty mind has been fantasizing about having a get together with a larger group and having all the men give their 1st climax to one lucky girl. And with luck, I could make sure I'm the girl. So the next time the right group of people have a party, I'm thinking the ladies could work something out.