1. My true stories. No. 1 - "Finally home"

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Fetish, Author: Thor-S, Source: xHamster

    I heard the whistle of the conductor from one of the cars way up ahead, and watched as the buildings started to move, slowly at first then faster and faster as the train picked up speed again. I had already been in this uncomfortable seat for almost two hours, watching as passenger after passenger got off, some of them with loads of bags and suitcases, others with nothing but their cellphone glued to their ears. But all of them with more or less of that relieved “finally home” – look on their faces. Watching them with envy, wishing I was one of them, that I was “finally home”. But I had a long way to go still. I had my jacket in the seat next to me, and pulled my phone out from one of the pockets, just to check the time – which was basically all I used my phone for nowadays – and counted the hours backwards from my e.t.a. 9 hours. I sighed, and turned back to look out the window again. As the dusk was falling rapidly, the view turned from whatever was out there to the reflection of my own face and the inside of the train car. The lights in the ceiling, the empty seats around me… and a woman quickly approaching me from behind. She stopped by my seat but didn’t seem to notice I was there. She just checked the seat numbers, then looked at her ticket again. And sat down right in front of me. Our seats were facing each other, four seats in a group, meant for a f****y or for friends travelling together, or just for people who wanted to chat with someone. I didn’t want to chat ... with anyone. I looked around. The train car was almost empty. There was an elderly couple way at the other end, and between them and us was a woman reading out loud from a big, red book. Beside her was a little girl listening mesmerized to the story her mother was telling. And that was it. I looked at the woman and thought about telling her that she could sit wherever she wanted. She didn’t have to sit on the seat she was given, there would probably be no new passengers boarding for the rest of the night. She didn’t have to bother me. But I didn’t. I figured she would be getting off soon anyway, she was your stereotypical business woman, or “strict teacher”, if that was your thing, with her hair tied in a knot on top of her head and glasses that seemed a little too big for her face. She was wearing a black jacket with a grey blouse underneath, a skirt the slid up from her knees when she sat down and long, slim legs in high heels. Not dressed for a long train ride. I, on the other hand, was dressed for a long ride. Jeans and a t-shirt, unshaven and bare feet in sneakers with laces untied. I gave her the mandatory smile when she looked at me, and her lips formed an almost invisible smile that disappeared right away. “Going far?” I asked. She nodded, and then hurried to get her cellphone out from her purse so she could give it her full attention. Fine, I thought, a little more offended than I had the right to be. This was going to be a fun ride. I turned to the window, but the ...