1. Blacked and Betrayed

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cuckold, First Time, Incest, Older, Group Sex, Masturbation, Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Group Sex, Author: rat_race, Source: sexstories.com

    * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race "Oh come on. It'll be fun," I insisted, sitting there in that dingy neighborhood bar in the not-so-nice part of town. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, remember?" "Yeah, but we're not in Vegas, Carl. We're here in Austin, Texas. Our home town, remember?" my 32-year-old wife, Sally, argued back, and then continued on, "And we also just happen to be pillars of our community. Don't forget that . What if this got out? I mean, what would all our neighbors think if they ever found out what we're up to right now?" Sally's lily-white skin and her long, straight, parted-right-down-the-middle, dark-brown hair perfectly set off her piercing, sky-blue eyes. The kind of eyes with dark black pupils that just seem to stare right through a person. And that was exactly what she was doing to me right now. And I automatically compared Sally's piercing, sky-blue eyes to those of our 9-year-old son, Jacob, who was named after his grandfather. And Jacob--or Jake, as we always called him--had definitely turned out to be the spittin' image of his mother, albeit a male adolescent version of her. On the other hand, our 13-year-old daughter, Jordan, had turned out looking quite different from her brother--to the point where the two of them really didn't look like brother and sister at all. Jordan had much darker skin than Jake. And most-notably, Jordan was lacking that characteristic, thin-bridged, European-style "ski nose" that the rest of her immediate ... family members--including myself--all possessed. "Hey! Don't put this all off on me. You're the one who told me that you've always fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with a black guy, remember? You told me that you'd never gotten the chance to live out your fantasy, because you and I met and fell in love while you were still in high school. And so you never got the chance to play the field." "Yeah, I did tell you that. And it's true. As much as I hate to admit it. "But I didn't mean for you to take me out to a bar, and try to find some black guy who'll agree to have sex with me--and also agree to let you watch us, while we're 'doing it.'" "Hey, that's part of the deal. And don't forget, you didn't just agree to have sex with a black guy either. You promised me that you would make love to him, just like you make love to me . "And that means that first, you guys will get naked and then French-kiss, while you're playing with his dick and his balls, and also letting him finger your pussy at the same time--if he wants to. And I'm pretty sure that he will want to do that." "You think?" Sally said, very sarcastically. "Yeah. And then you'll suck the black guy's dick, before letting him eat your pussy--once again, only if he wants to do that. And remember, no '69-ing' allowed. You got that?" Sally replied, just as sarcastically, but this time using a high-pitched, little-girl-sounding voice--and one that I had heard plenty of times in the past--"Yes, sir, Daddy. I'll ...