1. My New Trainer

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Trans, Author: naughty_bi_interest, Source: xHamster

    transsexual – oral – anal – blowjob – workout &#034So, do you need a spot?&#034 she asked. Wisps of red hair, which had fallen from her pony tail, framed her face as she looked down on me. &#034Ummm sure,&#034 I lied. The equipment at the bench press station where I was working out was designed to be used solo. With a quick flick of the wrist I could lock the bar into any safety position, if I had gotten into danger, but accidents do happen and you can't be too careful. Besides, I wasn't going to turn down help from the most beautiful girl in the gym. She also happened to be the only girl in the gym at this late hour, but she was still hot as hell. I hoisted the bar off the safety and slowly brought it down to my chest. My spotter grabbed the bar with both hands while I pumped it up and down. I had quite a bit of weight on it and because she wasn't real tall she stepped in so that she would have more stability should she need to take the weight for me. This meant that she was practically straddling my head with her thighs. With mere inches separating me from her crotch I could smell a familiar musky aroma coming from her nether regions. I'd been admiring this girl for months and now her pussy was so close to my face I could smell it. But suddenly something seemed slightly off, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was breathing harder now as the reps became more difficult and more of her scent invaded my nostrils. Hold on here! I've smelled that before and I don't ... think its pussy. My mind raced as I tried to recall the smell. I knew it had something to do with sex somehow, but what was it. With my focus no longer on the reps I was doing, one of my hands accidentally slipped off the bar. The other gripped tight and although it couldn't fall on me due to the guide tracks I didn't have the proper angle or wrist strength on the other hand alone to lock it into safety either. My spotter's legs instantly flexed around my head and she quickly adjusted her stance to assume the weight of the bar. I could tell it was more than she was comfortable with and had caught her a little off guard as she grunted slightly. Her crotch was now directly above my face and I could see directly up into the leg of her loose fitting shorts at the taut fabric covering her perineum. What the hell was that bulge? She flexed and shifted her weight again, grunting louder this time and as she did I saw what I thought was a testicle pop out from the bulge of material held there in her panties. Holy Crap! I knew what that musky smell was now! Was my new crush at the gym really a transsexual? I couldn't believe my luck... it was as if I had won the sexual fantasy lottery! &#034Uhnnnn.... little help here,&#034 she grunted. I hadn't realized it, but for the last five seconds or so I was basically just staring up at her junk, not even trying to grab the weight bar. I snapped to my senses and readjusted my hands and f***ed the bar back up and locked it into safety. My spotter ...