1. The Pool

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: BradLee, Source: LushStories

    She pulled the light summer dress up over her head to reveal her nakedness. Her full breasts were raised, presenting her nipples, hard and erect. The moonlight kissed her curves. She shook her mane of blonde hair around her slim shoulders and she looked to each of her companions in turn. It was a warm night, but she shuddered slightly. “Get into the water,” the woman called. She walked down the steps into the pool, cautiously, sending silver ripples out across the water. She covered her breasts with her hands. The water was warm and caressed her skin like a thousand soft fingers rising slowly up her long, long legs; when it first kissed the plump folds of her sex through a wisp of fine pubic hair the water felt wonderful, and she caught her breath. She stepped further into the pool again and felt her sex swell with arousal. “Turn to look at us,” the woman called. When she did this, her face blushed, and she quickly looked down into the water again. “Take your hands away.” Her fingers curled back to reveal the heavy globes of her flesh and the dark peaks of her nipples. The woman murmured her approval for the girl, the recipient of all her wicked dreams. The woman turned to her partner. “I told you she was gorgeous didn’t I, Smith? She’s yours to take as you please. My gift to you.” The man turned to face the woman, and she worked at the buttons of his white cotton shirt, popping them open one by one and then pulling the material back from his muscular torso. He flexed his ... body and threw a lustful glance to the young girl in the water. She looked up at him with wide eyes. Smith walked around the side of the pool, watching the girl in the water, but she did not turn to face him as he circled her. She remained facing her Mistress who smiled at her approvingly. The girl tensed slightly when she heard the splash in the water behind her, but quickly regained her composure. He swam toward her until he was close and then he paced up behind her body. He passed his heavy hands around her and cupped the wet globes of her breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen and press into his calloused palms. He squeezed at her tempting flesh and pulled her back towards him until she gasped with arousal. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her upturned buttocks as he pulled her to him and he felt huge and powerfully erect; she wondered how he would feel inside her, stretching her tight fresh pussy wide with his manhood. She shuddered and turned her head against his shoulder and her cunt pulsed in anticipation; he was going to fuck her, and it was going to make her cum. The woman beside the pool threw her robe aside and stood before them in a small black bikini. The girl's gaze flicked up and down her willowy body. The woman tested the water with her toes and smiled as she stepped into the water too. She walked towards the couple. “Fuck her now, Smith. You can begin,” she called out. The girl felt one hand slide from her breast and down the firm curves of her body, ...