1. The Red Eye Flight to New Orleans

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Seduction, Author: CommunicationDirectr, Source: LushStories

    I decided to take a red-eye early morning flight down to New Orleans from Dallas. I sat at the gate, sipping on a hot cup of coffee when the flight crew arrived for check in. There were three very nice looking stewardesses for the flight, which made me happy. I hated early morning out-of-town business appointments, but sometimes they couldn’t be avoided. The gate area was not very busy and by the time we all got ready for boarding, I noticed there were only about twenty of us. The plane held just a tad bit over a hundred people and seating was on a first come basis. A few folks had already staked out seats through the on-line boarding process, but the rest of us got to choose any open seat that was available. I liked the open seating arrangement. Sometimes, I’d get lucky and get a seat right next to a beauty young lady, as opposed to the heavy-set sandal-wearing young college guy with his hair tied back in a man-bun or pony tail. On this particular flight, I found myself taking up a window seat on the very back row of the plane. Normally, I like to sit over the wing, but those seats were already taken. As I settled into my seat, I checked emails on my phone, while glancing up the narrow center aisle as the plane filled up. One of the stewardesses made her way towards the back of the plane, as everyone took their seats and the safety announcements got underway. She was a young flight attendant, probably in her early twenties with long wavy blonde hair and a modelesque-like ... figure. She glanced in my direction and smiled. I think she winked, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe it was my wild imagination. I watched diligently as the safety instructions were announced and my flight attendant held up the seat belt to show us how to snap it in place and how to unsnap it. She put on an inflatable life preserver and showed us how to blow in the tube to inflate it. Dirty thoughts flooded my mind. She looked right at me as she pretended to blow into the little tube. Again, she smiled. She folded up the life preserver and draped it over the seat back next to her. “Your flight attendant will be by to check your lap restraints, so please stow your electronic devices at this time as we push back from the gate.” She stopped right in front of me and glanced down at my lap. “If there is anything you need, my name is Kelly,” she pronounced, “Just hit the call button.” Damn. A personal introduction. I watched as she turned and walked up the aisle checking on other passengers. Her white shirt was neatly tucked into her beige-colored slacks. No panty lines. Wow! She walked back past me and I watched as she strapped herself into a seat in the galley at the rear of the plane. She looked in my direction and I quickly averted my eyes so I wouldn’t be caught staring. The engines ramped up and within seconds we were climbing out of Dallas, and towards Oklahoma City. The familiar tone alerted us when we had reached 10,000 feet and it was safe to take off the lap restraint. The ...