1. The school counsellor, part 2

    Date: 10/11/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Taboo, Author: SFS, Source: xHamster

    Part 2. “I knew you’d be back!” Gary said as he greeted me. “Of course, you did say the job was mine!” I laughed. “You still on for that stag tomorrow night?” He asked. “You bet, looking forward to it,” I replied. “Good, but its fifteen now, still ok?” “I told you last night, I can handle twenty,” I said, wondering if I really could handle even ten. It was a fantasy. A fantasy I was anxious to experience. I walked to the bar. The young barmaid from yesterday was again serving, the one who had watched me being fucked, spit roasted. “Hi sweetie, what can I get you? She asked. “Same as always, soda and lime,” I said. I watched as she made the drink, plenty of ice I noticed. She was as yesterday, topless, but tonight wore white satin shorts, very brief, very tight, the outline of her pussy clearly visible. I was about to take my drink into the changing room, when I saw a young guy I knew. Fuck. He’d already seen me. He was a friend of my friends son. “Hi Wendy,” he said, “fancy meeting you here.” He looked at me with hungry eyes, as he looked me up and down. I was dressed liked a slut, I had hoped I’d blend in here. The ultra short mini skirt, light tan tonight, and a tight black lycra top. No bra, and just a thong. I’d worn a raincoat when I walked out of the house, and got into my car. The coat was in the car, so I could hardly pretend I wandered in by mistake. Fuck, and this only my second night. “And you too, but nice to see you,” I said brazening it out. “Look Wendy, would ... you mind not mentioning to anybody you saw me here. It wouldn’t go down well……….” He left the sentence hanging in the air. “No, no of course not, I won’t say a word. We were never here,” I said walking him to a quiet corner, away from the stage where Julie was spreading her legs so the punters could get a better view of her shaven cunt, as she peeled back her outer labia. “So what are you doing here,” I asked. “Oh you know, just popped in for a drink, I didn’t know this was a………..” “I’m sure you didn’t,” I said. “Its so embarrassing,” he said. “Don’t I know it. I have to come here every so often, to advise the owners son, you know in my work. But look I don’t want the college finding out, its rather delicate. You see, I’m moonlighting, and they wouldn’t like it, the college I mean. You do understand don’t you. So I’ll keep your secret, if you…….” “God, yes, yes Wendy, I never thought………anyway, I must go.” As I span round on my stool, I saw two women being fucked in a booth. Now Gary had told me, that was a no, no. Something made me look closer. “Fuck me” I thought, that’s Stephanie, my friend Steph. Jesus. Just then she looked up, as a Mediterranean looking guy pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. The girl at the bar was watching her, as were several of the customers. She smiled at me. Recognised me? Another girl was in the booth, also being fucked. I couldn’t see her clearly, but there was something familiar about her. I walked towards the door, and said goodbye to the ...