1. Emily Awakes - Ch. 12

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Novels, Author: aldenbradley, Source: LushStories

    Part I Rich found Emily sitting at his kitchen table drinking a glass of wine when he walked in the house. “Is everything all right?” he asked. “Yes,” she said softly. “Where’s Janice?” “She’s at my house.” Rich opened the refrigerator and took out a long-neck. “Is she okay?” “She’s fine.” He popped the top off and took a long swig from his bottle. “So what’s going on?” “We’re switching places until the weekend.” “Really?” His voiced raised in pitch just a notch. “Why?” Emily stood up and pulled him to her by the front of his shirt. “Because I want to be your wife for a few days. Do you mind?” “You mean like cooking and everything?” he asked. “Yeah, like cooking,” she said, leaving a pause, “and everything.” She twisted him around and pushed him down into the seat she’d vacated. She straddled his legs and sat down on him. “So, we can do it, like, anytime we feel like it?” She nodded, her eyes locked on his, leaned forward and kissed him fully on the mouth, her tongue plunging into him, tasting the fresh beer on his tongue. “I’m your wife,” she whispered. “You can have me any time you want.” “And we can do anything we want,” he mumbled huskily into her lips, “just like husband and wife.” “Just like husband and wife,” Emily whispered. “Then stay right here and take your clothes off. I want you here and right now.” Emily rose off his lap and began to remove her blouse and her bra. Rich’s hands cupped her ass, holding her close to him. When she removed her bra, Rich leaned ... forward and captured her right nipple with his lips. He tweaked it with his tongue, feeling it harden as Emily unzipped and unsnapped the jeans she wore. She stepped backwards, leaning forward to allow Rich to continue suckling at her breast. She hitched her hips as she slid her jeans and thong down her legs. Rich released his handhold on her long enough to allow her to remove the fabric, then caressed the smooth, firm flesh of her backside once it was bared. “Are you going to fuck me here?” Emily whispered. Rich released his liplock on her breast. “Right here in this chair; in this kitchen,” he answered, leaning in to capture her left breast with his lips. “You better get naked, then,” Emily said, stepping backward. She watched as Rich stripped off his shirt, shoes, socks, then tugged off his trousers. Her eyes gleamed when she saw his erection bobbing gently in front of him. “You’re hard already,” she observed. Rich smiled at her, his eyes drinking in the beauty of her form, and her dark hair falling across her shoulders. “I always get hard when you’re around me,” he told her. “Like I get wet whenever you look at me,” she whispered to him, pushing hip back down into the chair. She straddled his legs, and instructed him to slide his ass forward to the edge of the seat. When he was in position, she took hold of his rigid member and placed it at the opening of her love canal. She eased down, feeling the fullness as his flesh split her and her warmth enveloped him. “Oh, fuck!” Rich ...