1. A Day at the Beach

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Job / Office Sex, Masturbation, Voyeur, Written by women, Author: roxonthebeach, Source: sexstories.com

    For my sexy Benji, I hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: The people are real, the story is fiction (sadly) It was early May and surf season was well underway. I had been contacted by a popular Skimboard company to arrange a photo shoot to both advertise their boards as well as their sponsorship of the Skimboard competitions happening up and down the Eastern seaboard of the United states. I was flying from New York City that morning with my partner in crime Ari. Ari is a beautiful Korean-American man who shares my every interest including my taste in Men. Though he is currently based out of Hong Kong he flew in just to help me with this project. We flew in a few days early to get our bearings. Ari is amazing at planning. He had arranged for a model for each board and he had the perfect plan. One that I was quite excited about. The models were not all boarders but they didn’t need to be. They just needed to be hot. We arrived at the beach at 4am on the day of shooting, I knew it would take all morning and I wanted to make sure I got a least a couple shots at dawn. As the models trickled in. Ari had their legal paperwork to sign. There was a nondisclosure to sign and a paper that said they would do what we asked of them and everything we asked. Nothing dangerous was planned. Ari had arranged for the police to block off the area around the Pier in a 1000 foot radius. We did not want any bystanders. The first model to arrive was an Italian man named Geo whom I had worked with ... before. He had shoulder length straight hair and a perfect tan. The muscles rippled across his body. As he handed over his paperwork he was snatched by the makeup artist who was oiling down the guys so that their skin shined on the camera. I stripped down to only my Bikini. I grew up on the beach and is where I do most of my photography. It was a tiny little thing. The kind that Ties on each hip as well as behind my back and neck. I have to be careful because one tiny pull could undo the whole thing. This I found out the hard way once, yet it is my favorite. The little triangles barely cover my C cup boobs, I probably should have bought a bigger top but I like to show as much as I can. In Europe I usually go topless at the beach. It is so freeing. I have been working on my ass for the last couple years. Squats mostly. I have worked it into a wonderful round muscular shape. It has been grabbed quite a lot lately. I set up my equipment in the sand near the underside of the pier. It was a perfect place because I could aim out and we could take some shots under the pier. I love piers. I love the way the waves roll in and crash against the supports. These particular ones are cement and will make the shots interesting. I gathered the models together. Geo had been joined by 7 more equally stunning men from all over the world. I surveyed the amazing bodies standing in front of me. All glistening in the rising sun. Well-oiled machines I thought. Oh what I could do to them. I felt a little ...