1. Indian widow Mother's Hero

    Date: 10/12/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: vijayhot18, Source: xHamster

    Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone. Madhav has become very close to his mother Sarita after the death of his father. Her phone calls were full of love and longing to meet him and glowing expectations about his final results. Now as he was returning home with good marks and a placement with a leading technology firm in their R&D department, he was eager to meet his dear Amma (mother in his native tongue) After getting down from his train from Delhi, Madhav took an auto-rickshaw (a small 3 wheel taxi popular in India) and pulled up in front of their independent house in the suburbs of Bangalore. He got out his luggage and trudged up the gravel laid walk to front door. Looking around the courtyard, he saw that a few weeds had found their way into some of the cracks between the tiles. Strange, he thought because his mother was quite the gardener and usually kept the yard in perfect order. Stopping in front of the door, he set his luggage down and rang the doorbell once, and then again before reaching for the doorknob. Just as his hand touched the doorknob, he felt the door open. &#034MADHAV, YOU'RE HOME,&#034 Madhav's mother, Sarita cried out as she opened the door. Stepping forward, she swept him into her arms and hugged him tightly. So tight in fact, he could barely breathe. Hugging her back, he mind saw a man ... standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching them. &#034Oh, Madhu, my son, I'm so glad to see you,&#034 she bubbled as she finally released him and stepped back away from him. Surprised to see his mother’s reaction, he grinned back at her sheepishly, almost at a loss for words. &#034I'm glad to see you, too,&#034 he finally laughed, pulling her back to him and giving her another hug, &#034Isn’t that uncle Ramesh” &#034Oh, yes,&#034 his mother murmured, nervously turning and stepping away from Madhav. “He had a conference today in Bangalore” &#034Greetings Ramesh uncle&#034 Madhav wished. “What are this people doing here?” Madhav thought. This was one f****y who were never close to them. And there was something about him that Madhav found discomforting. Maybe it was the Ramesh used to look at his mother and they way he tried to get close to them after his fathers death. Ramesh was his father’s younger b*****r and was a couple of years older than his mother's forty-one years. It was then that Madhav noticed a distinct chill in the air between his mother and Ramesh. Or maybe he was just imagining it as he was tired from his long drive. &#034Come on in, Monu,&#034 his mother smiled at him, &#034your room is ready. I guess you still remember where it is after all this time.&#034 &#034Yeah, I think I do,&#034 he laughed softly, &#034it hasn't been all that long.&#034 &#034Here, I'll carry your little bag,&#034 she offered, picking up the smaller suitcase. &#034Okay,&#034 he said, ...